Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When Whippoorwills Call

Whippoorwills are calling if you are outside to hear them after dark. Daddy Mack always said when he heard a Whippoorwill, "Time to plant peas."

when Whippoorwills call and evening is nigh,
i hurry to my blue heaven.

White California Poppy. The center shines like a light.

a turn to the right, a little white light,
will lead me to my blue heaven.

Roses on a trellis of discarded porch supports.

i'll see a smiling face, a fireplace, a cozy room,
a little nest that nestles where the roses bloom

The only baby around our house, Buffy napping. Yes, that is her tongue.

just molly and me, and baby makes three,
we're happy in my blue heaven.

The peas we planted when Whippoorwills called were field peas: Purple Hulled Crowders, Black Eyed Peas and in the southern part of the state, White Cream Peas or Lady Peas.

Early garden peas were my FIL's favorite, LeSueur canned peas. I'm not fond of canned peas nor canned asparagus, but found that eating them cold they are more palatable. I was about to chop celery for tuna salad today when I thought of the half can of peas not heated for last night's supper. (Leftover canned veggies are better if you save them unheated, just heat half the can and save  the other half in a plastic container.) Tuna salad made with dill pickles and cold canned peas was a tasty lunch.


  1. My Blue it. We were commenting just a little while ago that we haven't heard the Whippoorwills for a long time. Miss their call. Your white poppy is lovely.

  2. I can't imagine a garden without peas. Yes, it's their time right now!

  3. I haven't heard a whippoorwill in a long time. It's a comfortable sound.
    I love shelling peas. It brings back memories of helping my mother with the shelling.
    But, I don't have room to grow enough in my garden here. Hope I can find some, at one of our farmer's markets.
    I agree...the poppy is lovely.


  4. That is a good idea about holding over the canned veggies. I am the only one who likes certain things like peas and they are not the best warmed up to mush. I will have to remember that.

    Speaking of Whippoorwills, LOL! I use to love to hear them calling in the woods. I do not think I have heard one for years. Wonder if they are getting scarce? Do you have any on your property Nell?

  5. Your 'baby' knows how to make her way into a blog post, doesn't she? I noticed the tongue immediately.

    I've only heard the whippoorwhils a couples of times in my life. It's music I've never forgotten.

    Luv how you did this post.


  6. I am ashamed to admit that even though I am a native Californian, I never knew that there was such a thing as a white California Poppy. I grow the orange poppies, but had not idea there was another color.

    Buffy is just darling by the way :-)

  7. Beautiful white poppy and love the rose in the last picture! Is it 'Peace"?

  8. We are planting peas this weekend. Our garden is almost complete, save planting the okra. I always wait until end of April, lest it just sit and sulk over the cool nights.

    That Buffy is really something. She is totally comfy, almost falling off that chair, isn't she? She needs her rest so she can help you in the garden.

  9. a tired dog is a happy dog. nice pics and post. jim

  10. Buffy is one cute dog! Looks like she has been working hard in your garden and needs to rest. :) Pretty blooms!

  11. Thanks! what fun, and how funny to find a California poppy! The white ones are actually kind of hard to grow here, so congrats.

  12. Love California poppies, and have even tried to grow a mixture that included whites and "reds" (more like rust) along with the traditional orange. Sadly, they made leaves but no flowers.

  13. Hello Nell-Jean,
    That glowing white Californian poppy is delightful. We seem to be able to grow Californian poppies quite well here, so I might keep my eye out for some seeds of white ones to try.
    Buffy is certainly one baby who knows how to make herself comfortable at all times!

  14. i heard a whippoorwill for the first time about two years ago: it was so great! from now on, that bird's call will remind me to plant peas and other legumes! thanks, lynda


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