Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Do You Protect the Content of Your Blog?

A question has come up as to whether to allow Full Text RSS Feeds so your blog page shows with entire text and pics in Blotanical Picks, or 3 lines of text and no photos -- click a button to see the entire post.

Clicking the Orange button shows the entire post, stripped. The Blue button takes you to the entire slow-loading blog to read the full article with backgrounds, sidebars and other accoutrements of the individual blog.

Whether or not you want to click an extra button is not the issue here. The question is whether allowing Full Text Feeds increases the possibility of your blog content being stolen by Scrapers.

The New Poll on my sidebar addresses what you may be doing to protect your content. You may know some other ways.

Meantime, I'm seeing more butterflies. A pair of Spicebush Swallowtails and an American Painted Lady were visiting mostly Silene today. Yesterday I discovered wild Verbena in the roadside ditch. When I pulled off the highway to make sure of what I was seeing, there was an American Painted Lady nectaring there. I have pics for confirmation but no Scraper is going to want these. You really have to look closely.

Yellow Sulphurs and tiny Orange Sulphurs are about, too.

Don't forget to please take part in the Poll. Check as many as apply.



  1. I've dealt with content theft on a number of occasions. The short answer is full posts increase the ability to steal content. I switched over to full posts a while back and my subscribers increased and so did the scrapers. I wrote a guest post over on GardenBloggers for Mr. BrownThumb a while back. To sum it up, protect your feed by checking your back links and get Google alerts and insert a key phrase into each post so that when it pops up in the alert you'll see the place who scraped it. Every now and then type in link: to Google and see what comes up in the search. It will show the backlinks to your site. Insert links in all your posts so that when your feed is scraped the links may end up being in tact and you actually gain some benefit through the link.

  2. I was glad to see the last choice you had on your poll.... I am too busy gardening to even try to understand it all!

  3. I use a web tracker, but rarely have time to check it. I have found sites that have copied my posts and pictures. I don’t have time to fight them, so I let it be.

  4. Oh dear, I'm another one who was glad of the last option in the sidebar. I still can't get my head around what a 'feed' even is!

  5. About those Muddy #$%^ing Scrapers. Watermark on good photos. Last line of my post, always says This Is Mine with an active link back to the blog. And I use Copyscape once a week.

    Never realised, till you told me, that it would show up as downloads. But I have only had pictures downloaded, mostly by 'Blotanists'. I know where you live, but not exactly who you are. Unless comments or picks give me the extra clue I need. BTW I really enjoy your blog!

  6. This is all too confusing to me and I am not even sure I want to know.

    Once blogging becomes a worry or a nuisance to me....I will quit!

    Or if it takes up too much of my time............

  7. I wish I understood more of the computer lingo. I just ask my 12, 14 or 18 year old to help me.
    Also, did you know that some of your past post photos are not showing up? I was looking for your photos of verbena on a stick to see what you had planted with them. I planted some in front of my cannas and I was looking for another combination. I remember yourslooked really pretty.

  8. Nell Jean I've been thinking about scrapers this week too. I read the article that Dave your first commentator wrote for Garden Bloggers and the subsequent ones too that were a followup.

    When it comes to photos I don't allow the google robots to even go near them. You have alter your html template to do that as blogger templates by default allow the bots to see them. So just make sure on your photos you have a watermark with your whole blog address if you don't want to touch your template.

    My only line of defence just now is to do google alerts - you do get alot of emails but its worth it. I've been doing those since January checking to see who is backlinking to my work and also through feedburner. I don't like the thought of writing at the begining of each post the links to my blog but if this stealing becomes more widespread we might have to consider it.

    I also have a link on my blog page to a stop plagerism site which has a good list of things a blogger can do if they find that a scrapper has taken their work. Now I better go and do your poll.

    Do you know if GBBD on the 14th is still on as there is no Mr Linky or post up today? :) Rosie

  9. Amy, I noticed that some past photos are not showing up. I'll see if I can fix that.

    I noticed that some bloggers are posting GBBD on the 14th. I haven't seen anything on Carol's blog about changing the date. She usually posts the Linky early on the 15th. I just thought the folks posting early were maybe not going to be home on Saturday or like me, could hardly wait.

  10. I watermark my favorite photos. I also periodically do random Google searches for my blog content. I have found sites that have lifted my content that way in the past, including a legitimate commercial site that should have known better.


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