Monday, May 24, 2010

How Dry I Am but the Garden's in the Pink

I can't get my hoses coordinated. I have extensions for the in-ground water faucets, some with Y connectors and one manifold that can feed four hoses. I repaired all the hoses that Buffy chewed, save one that I just place the leak near something that needs water.

I'm not fond of having containers because they need watering so often.
Begonias are good about waiting in case I forget them.

After I made this pic, I deadheaded some of the Spireaea.
Oakleafs are already starting to turn pinkish in the heat.

I don't remember the name of this lily, but it remains a fav.

American Painted Lady butterflies are plentiful.
While I was watering, I saw an obviously newly hatched
Spicebush Swallowtail; I could have touched it we were so near.
I saw a Tiger Swallowtail, too. It was more cautious.
While I'm watering I don't take a camera.

I'm experimenting with watermarking pics. I don't mind the occasional download, but I'm tracking some folks who are scraping. I put up some fuzzy pics a few days ago. They took them. Today I found two sites that are scraping whole blog posts. I didn't see any of mine.
There is a certain style that they seek out and they seem to prefer Blogger posts. I saw posts that I recognized from Fertilizer Friday. Another I just happened to remember from all the way back on January because it was about a garden in Florida. The scraper was obviously not from Florida nor from the USA nor Canada. The site is filled with advertising and posts from all over North America.

One way to determine if you are being scraped is to type some of your blog post titles in a search box. Scroll through the first couple of pages of results to see if your title shows up someplace besides your own blog. You may recognize yourself in sites that have your blog in their blogroll. Look for sites that have your post title, but not your blog name. Scrapers remove your blog name and give you no credit for your work while they collect money from advertisers.


Flowers and text from the garden of Nell Jean at in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia USA where Magnolia fragrance floats on the breeze, now joined by Gardenias. Flowers that wilted during the day perk up at night in humidity so thick it feels like a warm blanket. Join us in a glass of iced Ruby Tea, dark and barely sweet.


  1. NellJean: Love the begonia in the first picture! Do you have its name? Does it flower, or just grow for its foliage (beautiful foliages)? Always love to see butterflies pictures. I start seeing some in my garden too, just not easy to take the picture of them.

    Thanks for the tip to find the blog scrapper. Got to watch out...

  2. Is that an angel wing begonia. Great butterfly shots. When I get near they flutter all over the place.

    Wow - I'm gonna check for mine. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Sorry that you're having problems with the scrapers. You can set up a Google Alert with your signature on it to be notified when Google finds that text on another website. The Alerts are sent automatically to your email so you don't have to go searching for thieves.

    Watermarking is such a chore. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't. I could rant all day about the thieves and the attitudes that anything on the web is okay to take. Seriously. A nursery stole one of my photos for use as a catalog photo and they said that I should have put my name on it if I didn't want it taken. That's like saying i could go in their store and take a plant if they didn't have their name on the pot! Stealing is stealing. I got them to take down the photo.

  4. Sorry about the scraping! Hose wrestling is my least favorite summer sport, but sadly necessary:(

  5. I agree with Cyndy, about hose wrestling. It's not a favorite of mine. And, the rain barrels are great. But, hauling the water around, is not. We need some 'real' water, from the sky.

    Sorry about the scraping. Guess I should check for mine.


  6. Thanks for the info. I am sadly inadequately informed about such things. I can't imagine stealing anybody's pictures, or blog, or anything.

    I am going to check for mine, too.

    Love that angel wing!

  7. Thanks for the info. on dare them! I know what you mean about potted plants. I have alot of them but in the summer have to water daily if it doesn't rain. Your garden looks great!

  8. Hello Nell,

    I do love the soft pink colors in your garden and especially the pictures of the Painted Ladies. We enjoyed raising ours from caterpillars. Thank you for the info on blog scraping.

  9. Your Echinacea are so pretty and I can see those butterflies are loving them too. I get so aggravated at people stealing pictures to use on blogs to make money from ads.Your watermarks should help Nell.

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  11. Hi NellJean,

    My grandmas dryer used to play that little dittie when it was dry. A trip down memory lane for me. I enjoyed the comment you left on my blog about your curls. LOL.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and Kiki's as well.
    I did not know scrapers were so devious. The nerve.


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