Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In the Pink, Have a Drink

Favorite combo blooming in the Upper Garden: Echinacea, Rose Campion and Spiraea bumalda could not wait for the purple daylilies that accompany them. Next year I plan to have dark pink Sweet William join the group, in place of violas that bloomed in winter when nothing else was blooming and played out as the others bloomed.

This combo is blooming in the company of Oakleaf Hydrangea.

Buffy puts her paws on the rock where tiny birds bathe and drinks from the birdbath where the faucet attached to a hose drips continuously to keep adequate water for the birds -- and Buffy.

Hydrangeas that rooted in the dampness of overflow from the birdbath are preparing to bloom. Elephant ears are not of good size just yet. String lily foliage has appeared.


  1. Love the collage. Beautiful gardens. Can't wait to see them this summer.

  2. I liked the poll of butterfly attracting flowers. And the below post of swallowtail butterflies is a treat as well. i grew purple echinacea and asclepias just for the sake of butterflies and i must say the blooms alone were enough for these plants to be adored. thanks.

  3. Been meaning to tell you I like the collages!

    Our cats jump up and drink from the birdbath...not sure about the beast. He may.

    I know the birds are drinking and taking baths regularly.

  4. That is a great combination and purple daylily will be really pretty! Buffy looks good in the mix.

  5. What lovely pinks. I have a question Nell Jean. I love the looks of the Rose Companions but do they lay down when it rains or are their stems fairly sturdy?I would like to get one but do not have room for it if it flattens out.Thanks.

  6. Thank you, everybody for the kind comments.
    Lona, I answered your question on your blog. Rose Campion is sturdy.

    Glenda, I can squeeze more pics onto a collage, but the other reason is that someone from a server in India keeps downloading pics off my Dotty Plants blog daily. Other people download pics on occasion and I figure it is to remember some combination of plants that I had, for classroom use or just because something is (almost) purty. But every day? Others have had pic theft turn into whole blogs. The collages make them a little harder to pass off as their own with a blog name and dates and such.

  7. Nell Jean, we now have our five hearts. A whole new ball game. Feels like bidding in bridge.

    Another anti-theft tweak is a clickable link back to your blog. Mine is 'Words by ...' That sort of theft of intellectual property is infuriating.

  8. I can see pink is your color. Your echinaceas are blooming early. Love rose campion and this year I had a white. That was a surprise. Fun idea for your birdbath. Good way to keep it filled. Mine are evaporating in all this heat!

  9. Can't believe you already have Echinaceas in bloom. They look luverly. And sweet williams are one of my favourite flowers. The scent always takes me right back to childhood and our grandmother's garden. Happy spring.

  10. Nell Jean, Your collages are beautiful. It is obvious that Buffy is a really smart dog!

    Incidentally, I see you still have my old address in your sidebar, so you are not getting my updates. My new address is
    Thanks, Pam x


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