Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Daylilies and True Lilies

Daylilies are not a member of the Lily family. The botanical name Hemerocallis literally means 'beautiful for a day.'Daylilies open one or two blossoms on a scape over a period of several days. They are good companions with true lilies which hold their blossoms for a longer period of time. Other good companions for true lilies are fall blooming Salvias like S. leucantha and S. elegans which surround the ankles of blooming lilies and then grow up to hide the maturing foliage.

'Blackout' lilies blooming in a bed with either Superlative or
Kent's Favorite II daylilies, I forget which.

Small daylilies like 'Little Business' make good edging for rose beds. 
Here planted with double Knockout which is resting right now and
Rose de Rescht which has finished her rest.

Brocaded Gown daylily has companion Shasta Daisies.

This LA lily has the best traits of both its Longiflorum and Asiatic parents.

This daylily is blooming with California poppies, Larkspur, Lantana montevidensis and Purple Heart.
Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia USA where Gardenias are starting to perfume the breeze.


  1. Nell Jean ~ you have put together some pretty combinations! I love the last photo with all the yellow and a touch of purple and that blue larkspur is beautiful.

    Gardenias perfume the breeze....sounds wonderful!

  2. Hi NellJean, I voted on the herb poll. Just received tansy today and I'm looking forward to it. Our daylilies here have begun blooming. They are always such cheery guys in the garden! Love those knockouts too!

  3. Nell Jean,
    You've got some pretty daylilies and made some nice combinations with them. Most of mine are combined with agapanthus and surprise lilies on the back side of the wildflower garden.

  4. I see a few daylilies blooming around here, but the full show won't be for a few weeks yet. When in full bloom, they scream summer to me.

    At the end of last summer I planted several Asiatic lilies and they're doing really well. Can't wait to see their flowers.

    Luv the color combinations in your last photo.

    Planted my Easter lily last week.


  5. The LA lily is beautiful !!
    You have a nice selection.
    Think you're right about daylilies needing companions.

  6. My lilies and daylilies have begun to bloom also. I am thrilled to see them!

    I love that last picture!

  7. Mine are just starting to bloom everywhere! a sure sign summer is approaching!

  8. I love them. I was just wondering today how I could add more daylilies. I love the variety. There's something for everyone!

  9. Those blackout lilies are so unique!

    I went into the garden with a flashlight at 1:00 am this morning (long trip home yesterday) and there were my shining 'Happy Returns' daylily faces!


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