Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pomegranate: Who Was Madame Legrelle?

Flowering Pomegranates are blooming in my garden. The shrubs are more than six feet tall. I've never seen fruits. These are heirloom shrubs, here for more than fifty years. I divided the original shrub into five pieces and moved it to the upper garden.

Flowering pomegranate in my garden, 4/30,/2010

Punica granatum ornamental Madame Legrelle
The cultivar is identified by the color and the white edge.

Punica 'Madame Legrelle' is sometimes sold as 'Calfornia Sunset'

Madame Legrelle D'Hanis, Plant Collector from Belgium  and her gardener M. Francois Vervoort
are mentioned in the International Horticultural Exhibition and Horticultural Congress, London 1866.

Madame Legrelle the person is also mentioned in the Journal of Horticulture, Cottage Gardener and Country Gentlemen, Volume 28, 1875, winning several medals for her plant collection. Her connection with flowering pomegranates remains a mystery.

Pomegranates are not native here, having origins in Asia.
A search on the net finds 'Jamaica pomegranates' also originating in Asia.

Fruiting pomegranates will grow here. I've seen fruits on pomegranate trees in the next county.


  1. I've only seen one pomegranate tree growing, and that was on a visit to Poplar Grove Plantation, in Wilmington, NC. That one did have fruit, and it was the coolest thing! I see them at the garden center all the time though, and am tempted to buy one.

    The flowering one is so pretty!

  2. The blossoms are gorgeous! We've considered growing a fruiting pomegranate, but although they grow here, the fruit seems quite prone to splitting while still on the tree. Perhaps we should just plant a pretty flowering instead, they're lovely.

  3. Hi Nell. I have never saw a pomegranate tree before. It does have beautiful blooms.

  4. Love this plant and finally bought one two years ago. So far, very few blooms but it is still quite small. The color is so electric.

  5. I never saw pomegranate flower like this before. I had one growing in my garden out of the seeds of store-bought pomegranate. I am not expecting the fruit, but I love the bright red flower. It is still very young, no blooming yet. Now compare to yours, the plain red one will look boring :)

  6. I've never seen a pomegranate flower of any kind before. These are beautiful? Do you have any idea why they don't fruit? -Jean

  7. Flowering pomegranates, like flowering peach or other 'flowering' versions of fruits produce no edible fruit. I would expect to find a tiny fruit of some kind like on flowering pears but the flowers fall off without leaving any kind of seed pod. I thought maybe it has to do with climate.

  8. No produce fruits? then how to reproduce this tree herself?
    I want to get this tree. I love the flowers. please give me a comment.

  9. Propagation by division or rooted cuttings.


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