Wednesday, May 19, 2010

True Lilies and Daylilies in Sherbet Colors

Once they start to open, new surprises appear daily. I hope to remember which of these go where, in the fall when I'm relocating by color.

The daylily at lower left is 'Silver Veil' a Munson hybrid. I've forgotten the names of the true lilies.

Echinacea and Stokesia are two great natives. Stokesia compliments blue Hydrangeas, soon to be joined by a daylily named Inner View that had trouble fitting in with other oranges, yellows or pinks. Stokesia and Echinacea will be joined by an old fav daylily, Catherine Woodbery.

All flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia where Magnolia fragrance floats on the breeze and Whippoorwills call from the woods at night. Join us in a glass of iced Ruby Tea, dark and barely sweet.


  1. They are lovely flowers. I have Catherine Woodbury but it seems all my pink or lavenders end up being the same sort of nondescript peachy color. I should try adding some soil acidifier and iron and see if I can change the color.

    Do you have to add anything to the soil to get blue hydrangeas? That could be a clue. Our soils are probably way different in acidity. Endless Summer here is just beginning and will be pink.

  2. That 'Silver Veil' is beautiful! Do you know if it's dormant type or semi-evergreen? I love that light purple hue. Nice hydrangeas. Wish I could grow them here. I had the whole of my Atlanta backyard ringed in hydrangeas and hostas.

  3. Silver Veil is an Evergreen daylily.
    Silver Veil Munson '77 28”EM Re 5” Ev tet pale lilac self with cream throat.

    Silver Veil with Kirchhoff's Zinfandel are the parents of Morss's 'Inner View' -- the daylily that clashed with everything in my garden that was pink, or yellow or orange.

    Hydrangeas are just starting to crank up here. Hostas do not do so well, so I use gingers where hostas would have fit.

  4. I haven't tried to alter the colors of daylilies, Glenda. Most of the ones with 'pink' in the name are coral colored in my garden. Catherine Woodbery is not orangy, though.

    Aluminum sulfate is what you add to hydrangeas to make them blue if your soil isn't naturally acid like here. I rooted a cutting from a blue hydrangea in potting soil once and it bloomed pink.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful. Thank you for finding me and putting me on your blogroll. I now have your blogs also on my links. It takes a bit to get it all done. I am so glad you said you like blogger best. It is hard to learn something new. This whole blogging thing has been a good brainercize -Hey I just invented a word. It is way easier to comment with blogger and also the blogroll is easier. Thanks - Oh, my dad used to tie a ribbon on a stem of a plant that he wanted to save seed from. That would be a way to remember the color of the lillies. I did that one time. I wanted all maroon bachelor buttons so I marked them. The next year I mostly had maroon. But decided that I missed the blue and pink so I let them revert. Gloria

  6. There seems to be lots of scents floating on the breeze these days. Your "soft-colored" daylilies are very pretty.

  7. hey i love to have that tea with you, with the sweet scent in the air and the wonderful colorful flowers. I know it is only the Hydrangea whose color is affected by the soil pH, didn't know there are others.Our nemonics (forgot spelling) for pH si "bra" when soil is acid, meaning blue turns to red. Otherwise it is rbb, when red turns blue it is basic. hehe.

  8. Beautiful Lillies! I love Echinacea in the garden, such a long bloomer and the seedheads make a nice treat for the Goldfinches. :)

  9. The pastel colors of all your lilies are so pretty! I created a new flowerbed this spring to show off more of my daylilies. While I tried to pay attention to colors, I'm afraid when they bloom I may have a riot of clashing blooms:)

  10. Magnolia fragrance, whippoorwills, Ruby Tea.....I'm on my way. Leave the porch light on.

    The flowers are bad either.


  11. Silver Veil is lovely. I have Silver Ice in my garden -- also a Munson hybrid and clearly a relative of Silver Veil. -Jean


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