Sunday, May 30, 2010

True Lilies, True Love

It's that time of year. Lilies are blooming. Daylilies are blooming. Daisies are blooming.  It's hard to decide which to display.

These True Lilies are among my favorites. Not all are blooming yet. That's the wonderful thing about both lilies and daylilies. Different types bloom early, mid and late.

The near lily is Dazzle, the far one may be Easter Bonnet.

I bought a box with Stargazers this spring.
This is the first to bloom.

I don't remember planning that these would bloom together.

Regal trumpet lilies were my mother's favorite.
See the Love Bugs?

Algarve LA Lilies started to bloom as Double Knockout Roses are starting rebloom.
Elodie asiatics will be blooming in the same bed soon.

Some of my daylilies on Dotty Plants blog:

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia USA where daylilies bloom and rebloom throughout the summer. If you feel like downloading my pics do be sure to ask first.


  1. Your lily and daylily collection is so lovely. I like the combo with the roses.

  2. Your true lilies as lovely .. as well as your daylilies. Great combinations too ... the Rudbeckias with that gorgeous creamy white lily, and the Algarve with the roses! Wonderful.

  3. Nell Jean,
    All your lilies are thriving nicely and combined with so many pretty colors.

    And my ideal garden? Sometimes I wonder if in a few years I'll be wishing for smaller beds, like you. It's a lot to take care of but if I would cease creating more it might be easier to manage. I'm hopeless though... creativity is what inspires me.

  4. Hi NellJean, how incredibly beautiful are your lilies and daylilies! This is a season of large waxy blooms and surprises with each opening. I so love the LA's, they are simply fool proof! Nice collection! :-)

  5. Nell ~ Such lovely lilies, wonderful combinations. I love the pink lily with the roses too. Your gardens always have something wonderful to see.

    Have a great day.


  6. Nell Jean, Day lilies were my first love! They are still favorites, but I do have limited sun~So seeing yours is a true delight! I especially like the twisty gold one~It looks like a spider and they are my favs! have a great week~ gail ps loved this week's poll!

  7. Daylilies already? That is the South. A good preview of what is to come here in New England. They are just beautiful.

  8. great daylily collection! I love the rudbeckia/lily combo. That's beautiful.

  9. Oh, how I miss growing Asiatic and Oriental lilies! Those are beautiful combinations with the black-eyed Susans and roses. Maybe lilies just look gorgeous with everything. I'll have to pop over to Dotty Plants and see your daylilies. We can grow those here!

  10. And yes I need more Lillies in the garden. They are such troopers and the color range is wonderful. :)


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