Monday, May 10, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

Here's a glimpse of the Butterfly Garden that Nature planted. Large clumps of wild Lantana have Passiflora vines coming up beside them. In the same area are Beautyberries not yet in bloom. The only butterfly that I saw on Lantana today was a Buckeye. It is still early for Gulf Fritillaries. We are ready.

Don't miss the Buckeye, bottom left. That's Passion Vine on the right. We call it 'Maypop.'

New delights from upper left:
Helianthemum canadense with a bee visiting. Elephantapus, leaves only so far. A tall stalk with pinkish lavender flowers will appear near fall. The common name is Elephant's Foot.
At bottom left is a Penstemon that I can't definitely identify the species. It has little purple lines on the bottom lip of the corolla and is very low growing. At left is Coreopsis.

For all of you who found the Mayhaws to be a curiosity, here's how the jelly looks. My friend who picked the first ones made her jelly and it turned out beautifully. She was very generous and brought us a whole pint, which is a lot of precious jelly around here.


  1. I've never heard of mayhaws. The jelly is simply beautiful! What do mayhaws taste like? If it is as good as it looks-yum! The wildflowers are so enjoyable. I need to watch out for the Elephant's foot. Sounds too cool!

  2. I just love how Lantana draws butterflies to them. I haven't seen any Gulf Fritallary here yet this season, but hopefully soon. The mayhaw jelly looks absolutely delicious :-)

  3. Your mayhaw jelly looks absolutely divine!

  4. Love the butterfly garden. Still a bit too cold for many butterflies (and gardeners)here but I am anticipating next week to be more "spring-like."

    We use smartbalance spread, too;)

    Christine in Alaska

  5. Ohhh, that looks yummy! You've got to stay on your friend's good side and keep getting presents like that! A whole pint - wow. Hope you are enjoying every mouthful - I'd never heard of a Mayhaw AND 'they make the best jelly in the world'! goodness!xx

  6. I have been enjoying just about the last of our butterflies for the year these past few days, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of yours over the coming weeks! Thanks for the Mayhaw jelly photo too!

  7. Love Mayhaw jelly!

    Great info on the wild things!

    (PS I'm heading out on vacation on Thursday, so if you don't "hear" from me for a few weeks, I'll catch up on return. We're supposed to have wi-fi in the apartment, but it doesn't mean we can get a free account over there)

  8. Yummy! Almost makes me want to make my own jelly. Actually, I wouldn't even know where to start. All my lantana survived in my front bed over the cold winter. I was pleasantly surprised.


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