Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blotanical Members Who Fall Between 'Most Faved 200' and 'New Blogs'

There are a number of really great blogs whose owners have not reached the Top 200 Faved. Tired of picking through the whole alphabet, I deleted most of my Faves who were among Top 200 members (except for Autumn Belle who immediately sent me a message when I inadvertenly did that once to see what she did wrong to fall from my favor).

I am adding many of those who regularly post on good garden topics but are not 'top faves' to my Faves list. Many were already there. This is a tedious process but I thought it worth the effort.

New and Fresh with Fading but still Fragrant

Now I look at '200 Most Faved Blogs' for new posts, skim the 'New Blogs' list and go to 'My Faved Blogs' for a unique list with a few that may be 'New' for a short time but mostly bloggers that I might not always see otherwise. Going through the alphabetical lists to read and pick posts is unwieldy, even for someone as determined as I am. Making a new Faves list eliminated some commercial blogs, non-gardening blogs that I haven't time for as cute as they are, and some who have not posted in months but ancient posts are still shown on Blotanical.

I'm not done. I have to go through my Faved Blotanists list and determine who those folks are and what they are doing now. If you are wondering why I'm not out gardening, temperatures reached 100 degrees here with oppressive humidity. I go out at intervals and move my new dribblers around to a different bed.


  1. NellJean - I love this post; there are many creative garden bloggers it's hard to keep up - but I especially enjoy heartfelt blogs like yours. It's a treat to stop by... -Shyrlene

  2. I do so love some of the top blogs...I guess that is why they are there. The true they lure me back. You bet..some of them do. There are so many talented photographers..and even talented web-designers. I bow to all the talent and can only wish that the creative spirit will grab me too. It's the story telling that is not so easy for us. I try to pick out a new person each time I visit..but it has been harder this spring.

  3. Like Autumn Belle, I wondered what I did. Thanks for the back-story. You have done the Chelsea Chop!
    I do skim the the popular new blogs, and the latest posts from new blogs. Blogs on the Rise is another way of finding the consensus on which new blogs to read. It is a good idea to shake up our lists of Faved Blogs. I'm enjoying Patio Patch and Hazel Tree!

  4. Good for you, Nell. There are so many great garden blogs out there; it is good to highlight some of those that are less well known. (Although I know that some blogs that are not highly rated on Blotanical have very large readerships from other sources, so the Blotanical ratings can be misleading.) I sometimes try to highlight some blogs from this "no longer new, but not in top 200" group in my blogs of the month feature. I have found that some very good blogs in this group don't post very often, which makes me a bit hesitant to recommend them. I'd be interested in how you are handling this issue in picking new faves. -Jean

  5. 100 degrees! that's like the surface of the sun (in Northern Irish terms)!!!
    Intersting post, I've been finding Blotanical rather daunting and have been avoiding it for quite a while. I have lots of lovely blogger friends at the minute who I really enjoy following (including you x).

  6. I didn't wholesale delete every blog on my Faves and start over. There were already a number of blogs on my list that fall in the 201-600 faved, and more that are no longer new but have an even higher number for whatever reason.

    I look for gardeners with similar interests and garden goals rather than any kind of expert. I want to see what is blooming and how it is sited in the garden.

    Blogs that turn up on my blogroll sorted by last posted is a good sign that they are regularly posting. They don't have to post daily or even weekly to be worth reading.

    The sole reason for putting blogs other than Top 200 and New on My Faves is to have a third list of easy-to-pick blogs that are of my choosing because of content. I now look at My Faves as a tool equally important as New and Top 200, rather than a popularity contest.

  7. Wow! Nell Jean, This sounds very interesting but I confess it is over my head a bit... or maybe I am just tired. I am curious to know how someone knows if you have removed them from your fave blogs list? Now I bet I really sound dumb. ;>) I love your gardenia!! That fading one still smells delicious I bet.

  8. Hi Nell Jean, I am so glad you put me back on your faves. I really enjoy your posts and the logic and creativity of your thinking. You make me think! and you are a gardener. --Wow! on the 100 degrees. I don't know if we hit 60 today and we have rain. Should make weed picking easier.

  9. I don't know either, Carol, unless they keep a check list and refer to it often. I just try to check on who I faved and whether they're still blogging.

    Gloria I like the new name of your blog. It tells where you are and who you are and what your blog is about: Dakota Garden Gloria.

  10. good idea. "make new friends and keep the oooold, one is silver and the other gold"

  11. I was immediately sad, as I was sure I had been chopped from your list. Very happy to see that I was not, yet.

    I have to tell you, my gardenias are so wonderful this year. I think they loved the cold weather, as did the vitex! Both are blooming up a storm!

    We are also having 100+ degree days. The nights are not oppressive yet, so the tomatoes are still setting fruit. We are having a bumper crop of tomatoes and cucumbers, and squash (LOTS of squash!) but not a bean in the garden. Bean vines are lush and growing, but no blooms. I don't know what we did wrong.

    AND.....the butterflies are here!

  12. Nell ~ I love that gardenia picture of yours and can almost smell the heavenly scent.

    I've not been to blotanical all that much lately. I think the competition aspect of it depresses me. I've never been a competitor, and it's too late to start now. I do need to check on what new blogs there are, beside the ones I regularly visit, for more inspiration. But, there's only so much time in a day.

    It is horribly hot and humid here also.

    Try to keep cool.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  13. I find it hard to pick faves because the criteria varies between blotaninsts - there are those whose images I love to go and drool over (Elephants Eye you are 1!), others who live in idylic spots and are places to 'visit' and soak up their wildlife and gardens - and lastly there are those in my zone (UK) who can teach me a thing or two about native planting etc

    Good post - thank you


  14. Hello Nell-Jean, I see what you mean about being determined, that is a pretty impressive effort at keeping up with a wide range of blogs!
    I haven't been around very long and already I am getting way behind. If I can catch up with my favourites I think I'm doing well at the moment. I had intended to catch up with new blogs and give them support as others had supported me...but I hardly ever seem to get there. I'll get there one day!

  15. I am blushing to be mentioned here. I was heart broken when I was slashed but was glad when I was 'reinstated', hehe. I really hope that Stuart will give us more in terms of no. of faves as we advance through the ranks. It is very hard to 'chop and replace' our existing friends except that they don't blog anymore.

  16. I rarely ever used the faves area. I would add someone because I appreciated what they did not necessarily because I used the faved list to follow them. I might get on Blotanical 2-3 times a week at most and usually use my sidebar or the list in Blogger. I think in many ways Blotanical has gotten more difficult to use effectively as it has grown.

  17. Hi NJ, It's hard sometimes not to feel overwhelmed by so many wonderful blogs. Which ones to read? And whether to read the latest post, or go back and really savour and get acquainted with the earlier posts as well? It's a nice dilemma, I suppose. I agree with Dave above. blotanical seems more complicated now it has grown so much. (Maybe this is sour grapes because I recently got demoted from 188 to 203!) cheers, catmint


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