Saturday, June 19, 2010

Calms, Squalls and Baffling Winds: Summer Doldrums?

There is a new Poll on the sidebar about Blogger Template Designer. Did you set a new Template Design before the Summer Doldrums set in? I've noticed some bloggers who use a Blogspot platform have new looks to their blog. The new 'Template Designer' introduced months ago was installed on all Blogger Dashboards last week.

Summer Doldrums seem to have affected more than just the Stock Market and the Weather. Is it my imagination, or are there fewer posts on Blotanical these past few days? Inability to access '200 Most Faved' has a work-around. It might be an incentive to get accustomed to Alphabetical Lists.

Maybe it is just vacation, or the hot weather.

Maybe you were birdwatching?

  Were you picking berries, as Buffy did while I scooped up wood chips where the road crew left them piled on the roadside right of way after they trimmed trees?

Did you stop to smell the flowers?
Lilies are particularly fragrant this year in the heat.

Or maybe like me you have to pace yourself in the heat to get to all the chores. I'm trying to assure that no more buds fall off the Epiphyllums (Night Blooming Cereus) until they bloom in just a few days by keeping them well watered. Even the heat lovers like Gaillardia wilt in the heat.

Reseeded Tithonia and 'Sundance' Gaillardia

Getting the hang of the new Template Designer was not so difficult once I found out how to get it to load. I kept getting gray squares with no templates. After I read pages and pages of posts that failed to address my problem I asked a question on the Blogger Forums and someone helped me.

I figured out for myself that I didn't have to use a gaudy background from the templates. There is an option to change or omit those. IMHO,  it just slows loading. Loading time is always going to be a problem. My satellite access varies and sometimes I must skip a post that is heavy with photos and sidebar trinkets and things.

Please do take part in the Reader Survey on the sidebar of Nell Jean's with its new Template.


  1. We definitely get the summer doldrums in my part of the world ... it does just get too hot and humid to be out in the sun to garden unless it's before sunrise and just on sunset. Luckily right now it's winter here ... so I'm out in the garden most of my spare time now.

    As for Blotanical ... I don't even know where to find the 200 Most Faved. I rely on my reading list on Google Reader to catch up with blog posts. Sometimes I use the Popular tab or the My Faved Blogs tab on Blotanical's Picks page to read others ... but that's about it for me.

    I'm one of those who have used the new template designer - I rather enjoyed playing around with it to change the look of my blog. I still went with something that was simpler than many of the other choices though.

    Enjoyed your photos ... sounds like you're keeping pretty busy out in the garden despite the heat.

  2. I am trying a new template. My only complaint is that I can just do one preview....don't know what I am doing wrong. I like to check a few times before posting.

    Been very busy on the farm. Like you I can't stay out when it gets really hot which is around 10 AM. We are having a hotter and drier than normal late spring. It doesn't bode well for summer!

  3. I tried one new look and went back to my old template.

    I haven't visited blotanical that much. I would assume that everyone is out playing in their gardens, or on vacations, etc.

    Don't work too hard Nell in the heat we are having. That lily is gorgeous.

    Have a nice Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  4. Nell - I decided that it was now safe to switch templates. Several days passed before I realized that my analytics no longer worked, so I had to install that code.

    As for Blotanical -- I can't bear to "rate" the blogs. I don't see blogging as a contest, but rather a sharing and fun thing. I wonder if a lot of other folks feel the same way?

  5. My first visit here. I changed over to a new Blogger template last week and just love it. I also voted on your poll. I didn't have any problems at all, and am glad they've given us new templates to play with, since I'm not a pro at designing. Loved visiting your blog. Very pretty photos and blog style.

  6. Lots of garden thoughts just not sure their being utilized right these hot steammy days :)
    I went to my blog and like a dummy started playing around and ended up with a blog format that I'm not happy with. I would like to go back to the way I had it. But nooooo, I have to play with everything. Curiosity killed the cat (my blog)!!! And I will be playing with it more today until I can get it right.

  7. Blotanical is quieter. Fewer posts, fewer pickers. But it is creeping steadily back. Seems the established Blotanists have their readers, and are otherwise occupied. The new Blotanists are finding their feet, and maybe not getting as much support from us, as we did when we started.

  8. Nell, I don't use the blogger platform, but it looks as though the new template allows a wider format -- which I would consider a plus. Those narrow blogger pages have always driven me nuts. (I haven't been spending as much time reading blogs, but that's because there's so much do to in the garden!) -Jean

  9. I definitely have the summer doldrums! I still have much to do in the garden, but either it's so hot or it's raining...the weeds are winning the war with me:) I have also noticed fewer posts lately and fewer comments from regular readers. I think people are busy in their gardens or involved with summer activities right now. I know I have less time to blog right now, which is ironic because I have more to show/write about than in the winter:)

    I haven't tried any of the new design templates--I changed my template a few months ago and don't want to take the time to change it again. I agree--the simpler the design, the better!

  10. I noticed a lot of changes on other people's blogs as well. And I certainly looked at the new templates, even picked one I liked but I didn't have the gumption to change. I kinda like what I got and I worried if I changed, it would be difficult to find my way back if things didn't work out. That and I try not to mess with Blogger too much, inevitably it means hours of work and tearing out of hair.

    I suspect most people find it hard to weed and type at the same time. So much to do, no time to write about it.

  11. oh boy. Not only am I averse to change, I don't really trust technology. I'm afraid if I touch any new buttons, everything will be erased. I live in fear that all my stuff will be erased. No changes for me. I do love all the changes I see though - including here! Great blooms!


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