Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Foliage Followup in the Heat of June

Foliage Followup is by encouragement of Pam of Digging following Bloom Day.

Finally the Cycad sent up 3 dozen new fronds.
It was badly damaged by winter cold.

I've added Purple Heart along a walkway
with Airplane Plant Chlorophytum comosum.
Airplane Plants are often seen in a hanging basket.
They fare well in the ground and are hardy here.

Graptopetalum paraguayense
Each little leaflet will grow a new plant.
I haven't found a really good spot for these,
so they are waiting in the wagon.
In the center are red alternanthera cuttings;
they turn red in the fall.

Licorice Plant Helichrysum petiolare and
Persian Shield Strobilanthes dyerianus

Late Note: Clarifying, Licorice Plant is Helichrysum with little gray leaves.
Persian Shield is the purple Strobilanthes.

Caladiums at upper left returned from last year.
Caladiums with red veins are new this year with white Wax Begonias along a shady path. 

Foliage Followup is at the suggestion of Pam/Digging.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia USA where it was 103 degrees yesterday.


  1. What wonderful foliage. I really love the persian shield.

    Keep cool ~ FlowerLady

  2. Sometimes we forget how lovely various foliage plants are. They are very pleasing and restful I think.

    Yours are beautiful. I particularly love the caladiums with the wax begonias.

  3. You have such incredible foliage!! Your cycad is amazing, and all of the purple hues are just stunning. Terrific post & thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. :)

  4. Isn't it amazing how quickly the sago palms have bounced back after the big freeze? I love love love Persian shield and have no idea why I'm not growing it. Your caladiums are visually very cooling.

  5. What beautiful foliage. Your sago palm looks like it is absolutely reinvigorated since it's freeze damage. I love the leaves of your Persian Shield plant. They are just lovely :-)

  6. You have great looking foliage. I don't remember seeing you growing airplane plant in the ground. It looks very healthy and full there.

  7. You've got to love green. We are often so consumed with the flowers that we don't take in the leaves which are so beautiful most of the time.

  8. You really do have some amazing foilage. I might try and do a Foilage follow up post this evening when I get home

  9. Foliage looks so cool in this heat. It's really bad and early this year, too.

  10. Love the Persian shield and the caladiums. Other people have great luck with these plants but I don't seem to. Too little watering probably.

    Enjoyed hearing the story about the hawk snatching the squirrel from under the vultures, beak. Interesting things like that are seldom witnessed.

  11. Interesting collection of foliage pictures.

    The licorice plant has a tiny grey leafed plant behind it that turns a solo into a song.


  12. I'd never guess the temperature from those cool looking pictures. I hope that you are able to find some relief - looks like you and the lovely caladiums at least have some shade. Your cycad is gorgeous!

  13. The caladium/begonia combination is lovely. -Jean

  14. wonderful, colorful foliage! I love the succulent.

  15. Licorice plant is the best purple shade! You can never have enough purple.

  16. Caladiums and Persian Shield do want ample water. I like to use Wax Begonias where impatiens would be another choice, because impatiens just faint and fall over if they don't get water three times a day in the heat here.

    Licorice Plant is the gray-leaved plant with the tiny leaves. Persian Shield is the purple one in front of it. Persian Shield is a perennial here; I noticed it listed in another blog as an annual in his zone.

  17. I used Purple Shield as a houseplant years ago, but I should get some to try in the yard. If it is perennial for you, it will probably be for me too.


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