Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hot in the Sun, Cool in the Shade

I go outside many times during the day despite brutally hot sun. Under a shade tree, Venturi Effect assures a light breeze when I can stand the sun no longer. Pecan trees seem to be the best for cooling. Pandora's Box is blooming under a little dogwood tree, shaded in early morning by a huge Juniperus virginiana.


I'm always afraid I'll miss an important bloom. I missed first blossom on Bride Elect daylily Sunday, just a soggy sock next morning as mute evidence of a recent bloom.

In the brightest sun, Pride of Barbados is finally blooming. P of B dies to the ground here in winter and is slow to take off come spring. Just when I despair that it has decided this is the year it isn't coming back, there comes a sprig of tiny green leaflets. Esperanza has not wowed us with yellow bells yet, but they're on the way.

I planted out the only Pride of Barbados seedling that survived this spring. Covered it for a day with a wire trash basket to shade it. Removed the basket next day and watered it. Found dog tracks later where Buffy played in the mud and left the little plant askew, wilting. Replaced the basket after I straightened the plant. If you have pets, feel free to erupt in a sympathetic chortle.

We're teased daily by rain clouds which part and pass without blessing us with precious rain. I watered several beds Monday -- thunder was a ways off in the distance and it started to rain. Monday was the day! More than a half inch, much needed. There was wind Sunday night. I picked up limbs next day, proof of the wind that caused a power outage during the night.


  1. Hi, Nell Jean! Your Pandora's Box and Pride of Barbados are truly gorgeous! I especially like that PoB...very hot and spicey! It would be a great entry for A Plant Fanatic in Hawaii's end of the month HOT LOUD and PROUD meem.
    Yes, I understand the woes of pets vs. plants. They obliviously tramble our cherished verdure. My dogs pummeled some of my ferns in pursuit of a rabbit that lives under the shed. Every time the ferns attempt to stand up, the rabbit apparently uses them for cover and the dogs follow in hot pursuit, trampling the fresh foliage all over again. Hmmm!

    I'm glad one of your seedlings made it, and happy for your thirsty plants!

  2. That Pride of Barbados is very cool! I don't have any pets right now (unless you consider the deer that eat my plants) so no chortling here, but I know what it's like!

  3. That Pride of Barbados is a very showy flower standing in the middle of lush green. Pandora's Box is a very beautiful variety of daylily. We are blessed with almost daily afternoon rain laterly, and the garden just love that!

  4. I love your Pride of Barbados! We had a lot of rain over the weekend, but I think my plants wilt from heat, even if the earth is damp. I love the shade, but lately it just feels like jungle. Already I'm wishing for fall!

  5. Nell, I always hate to miss anything in bloom, too, especially those daylilies that only open for a day! My tour of the garden every morning is my way of seeing everything in bloom -- but then there are those days when I'm away. (Maybe I should set up web cams in the garden so I can tour the garden in cyberspace when I'm not there!) -Jean

  6. One of my favorite daylilies. I had it at one time but not sure if I still do. I had to get rid of some of them because of excessive shade. :(

  7. I love that Pandoras Box lily Nell. I have had my eye on the Wild Horses lily for a year now. It look similar to yours. I love the deep purples against the white.

  8. It's hot here regardless. If these temps keep up I'll be hibernating permanently until fall. :)


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