Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rose Rose Bed and a Poll on Cut Flowers

Over in Rose City, rose beds hold only roses, usually of one cultivar. Sharply edged beds are set in  grassy lawns. My preference is roses mixed with companions like lilies and pinks and edged with daylilies. This post celebrates the anniversay of my first blog post, three years ago.

Rose colored roses play well together.

Algarve lilies and Double Knockout

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia USA where rose fragrance mingles with that of gardenias in hot June sun and cool green shade. Brief thunderstoms mid-afternoon have become the norm. Plants welcome the rain. Sunshine quickly returns.

A new Poll on the sidebar asks about flowers used inside the house, either from your garden or purchased, and how you use them. Please choose as many items as fit what you do with cut flowers.

As usual, all possible choices are not listed so you may have reason to comment.

My favorite containers for a single blossom are antique glass medicine bottles: a tiny cobalt bottle that held Aralgan, a pale blue Castoria bottle, a big square green glass pill bottle.


  1. Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary!

    Wishing you sunshine and roses, all lovely and sweet days ahead. I wanna see many many more of your inspiring posts because they are always spiced with notes and wise words and some humour scattered everywhere.

    My latest post on the White Bleeding Heart Vine is dedicated to you for being my first commenter. Sorry for being late in informing you because I was busy reading the chidren story book 'The Secret Garden'. Yes, this is the first time I'm reading this story and at this age! :)

  2. Oops, I mean 'Red Bleeding Heart Vine' post. I'm sorry about the typo error.

  3. That Algarve lilies and Double Knockout combination is so lovely. I love the garden look after the rain! I like pictures in the different settings. The broad view shows the garden overall structure better.

  4. I agree with you -- you mix the roses so well with other flowers. Quite pleasing!

  5. Your pink lilies are gorgeous. Happy 3 years to you! Love your polls, they're super fun.

  6. My blog is just over seven months old. I can't imagine three years! Congratulations! Your posts are always interesting. I like your rose beds very much. The combinations with the lilies are especially lovely.

  7. I can't believe it has been three years!

    I love yours roses with friends! I especially like the red with the pink lilies.

    Have a super Sunday.

  8. I have to ask, what is a glass frog, with cut flowers? Picture for us who haven't met The Glass Frog?

  9. Happy Blogging Anniversary Nell. I've been inspired and encouraged and learned quite a bit from your posts. Thank you for all your hard work that goes into your blog.

    Your garden views are always a treat to see. I love your different beds and the beauty that you grow in each one.

    Have a lovely day ~ FlowerLady

  10. A glass frog is a device with holes into which stems are placed. They can also be metal or ceramic. Some fit over the top of a bowl or vase. Pansy rings and flower bricks are examples of frogs being incorporated into the container.

    I reveal my age when I mention these things that were in fashion 50 years ago. We have become antiques.

    See them here:

    and here:

  11. Have you seen the Sunny Knock Out Rose? It is a very beautiful yellow. I am thinking about getting one for my growing collection.

  12. The pink lilies paired with your roses makes a perfect combination.

    There was a time, when I collected glass frogs. Never used them, just collected them:)

  13. I just planted a new flower bed with roses, lavender, lupines, and perennial geranium. I hope it turns out to be as lovely as your rose beds. Happy blogging anniversary, and many thanks for all your great contributions!

  14. Happy Anniversary, Nell. I didn't realize it had been 3 years. I need to check my blog to see how old it is.

    I will never tire of seeing the roses and lilies. Roses are nice with anything, but especially beautiful with lilies.

    I am going to take the poll, but I have had to remove any green or growing plant material from my house, as Belle eats it. I am afraid she will be poisoned. Maybe when she is an old cat, I can have my zinnias in my little old bottles again. She just turned 1 year old.


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