Friday, June 11, 2010

Sound and Fragrance of Trumpets

I smelled them before I saw them and the trumpets made no sound.

Regal Lilies, Mama's Favorite. She cut hers for bouquets.

Pink Trumpet

"Light warm red has a certain similarity to medium yellow, alike in texture and appeal, and gives a feeling of strength, vigor, determination, triumph. In music, it is a sound of trumpets, strong, harsh and ringing." --Concerning the Spiritual in Art by Wassily Kandinsky

Their fragrance is more pronounced at night.

Orania, translated from the Greek, Heavenly

Orania against Oakleaf Hydrangeas now aging pink.

Orania is an Orienpet Hybrid. Lilies are more dramatic at night.

More about Orania here:

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia USA where the fragrance of Trumpet lilies is noticed before you see the trumpets standing tall in the evening air. Join us for blueberry cobbler with a few drops of cream and a sprinkle of sugar over the rich buttery crust before it was baked.


  1. These are so beautiful. I can only imagine the sweet scent.

  2. Will you share a family recipe for the blueberry cobbler? Your pictures are good, but your words are even better ;-)

  3. The recipe is from Martha Stewart Living, August, 2009. I happened to be reading an old magazine and saw the Cobbler recipe the same day we had berries for a pie.

    Best Berry Cobbler

    My mother's Cobbler had rolled pastry crusts with bottom crust, a crust placed over half the berries and browned and a top crust over the other half the berries and baked until golden brown. I can do that but it is lots of trouble. I'm happy with the one above if the biscuit dough is spread thin. It is sort of like shortcake with cooked berries.

    Oh, one last thing: I didn't have heavy cream (sorry, Martha) so I used canned milk.

    On an ordinary day, I might use cooking oil and 1% milk instead of butter and cream. I liked that this recipe didn't call for cups and cups of sugar.

  4. Oh Nell Jean, I was all ready with a witty comment about those fabulous lilies when you sent my brain a reelin' with the blueberries and cream. You really know how to live, woman! :-)

  5. If I start driving now, I can be there by sunset. Don't eat it all before I get there!

  6. Hi Nell Jean,
    I came here ready to say that I forgot what I was going to say about the lilies after reading about the wonderful sounding blueberry cobbler, then read that Frances said almost the same thing. LOL

    It sounds like you are having a lovely spring. I got some strawberry shortcake made with store bought angel food cake that we're enjoying this week.

  7. What a lovely night shot of the lilies. They are so pretty Nell. So much prettier than the new loud orange that decided to bloom in my woodland bed. LOL!

  8. Oh Nell,

    I can just picture myself strolling in your garden in the evening and the air filled with the fragrance of your lilies & the blueberry cobbler. I am so hungry for some cobbler now ;-)

  9. I wish we could get smell over the internet! Your lilies are gorgeous. I like the photo that shows the lily with the aging oakleaf hydrangea. It's a nice combo!

  10. Those lilies are gorgeous. I think I can smell them. Nope, that smell is emanating from my garden. Ha.. You have so many different lilies. Love em. The blueberries are ready to pick here. A little early this year. Thanks for faving me.


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