Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Is Dressed Up and Playing Her Tune

"Sweet days of summer, the jasmine's in bloom.

July is dressed up and playing her tune.
Summer breeze makes me feel fine.
Blowing through the jasmine of my mind." -- Seals and Croft, "Summer Breeze"

We've had breezes, rainfall and cooler temperatures brought in by Alex. By the weekend, it will be hot as firecrackers again, just in time for the Fourth of July.

Pentas show stars for the Fourth:
White Pentas from the Yellow Rose Bed

Pink Pentas with a faux quail
Real quails visit the birdbath rock nearby. 

Paler Pink Pentas. The brighter pinks are all sulking now.

A dark pink crinum brought to bloom by the rain.

Rose de Rescht, fragrant on the breeze.

Crape Myrtle, a staple of the southern summer garden.
Lilacina, a very old cultivar. I plant them everywhere.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia USA where Magnolia fragrance floats on the breeze and clouds hang low. Join us in a dish of the last of the blueberries in a dessert with crisp crust and a layer of creamy and sweet cream cheese whipped with vanilla yoghurt.


  1. July IS all dressed up in your garden...looking lovely for the 4th! Beautiful pics!

  2. Your pentas are lovely and must not be bothered by the heat. I need to plant some, as not much blooms now except the crepe myrtles. What would we do without them? Everything here is deep green and hot! It is nice to have the flashes of color from these and a few other summer beauties.

  3. Oh what a treat to see treasures not grown here in Connecticut - especially the crinum and crepe myrtle - I would plant that one everywhere too, if I could!

  4. Love how you're showing your stars for the Fourth, Nell Jean! Enjoy the holiday weekend in your gorgeous garden. :)

  5. I don't think I have that crepe myrtle. Very pretty.

    ALL your flowers look pretty!

  6. I love the tiny flowers of the Pentas. Crepe Myrtle is in full bloom here as well and just so beautiful, just like yours :-)

  7. That crinum is so lovely! How many years before it bloomed for you? I'm always so tempted, but I've been waiting to get the garden settled before planting those that don't like to be disturbed. One day -- crinum and peonies are on my list.

    Have a happy and safe July 4th.

  8. Your Pentas are very festive for the upcoming holiday. :) Mine aren't doing very well this year, too much heat and no rain. :(

  9. Your pink and whites are so beautiful. This is the first year I have grown pentas and I cannot wait for them to bloom. Almost ready. Your crape myrtle is so lovely. Mine has so many buds this year. Last year there was none. Too much ice maybe the winter before.
    Have a wonderful weekend Nell.

  10. Crinums must love the rain. This spring a friend thinned hers down and gave some to me. With the rains that we have had this week, suddenly 2 are blooming....a lovely pale pink. Anxious to see what colors the others will be.

  11. How beautiful your Garden is Nell Jean! And such a lovely post... I always enjoy walking through your garden!

  12. Isn't summer grand ? Your garden looks so nice.
    Have Crape Myrtle for the first time this year,know nothing about it except it sure has pretty flowers.

  13. I've been listening to Seals and Crofts Greatest Hits in the car recently. It is a perfect soundtrack for summer, isn't it? Your garden is looking beautiful in its July finery. -Jean

  14. Love that song :) and Love the Pentas. Is this an Annual for you or perennial? Don't know if I'm fimilar with these, but I really love their look.
    Happy 4th to you down there in the sweltering heat. Glad your ok from Alex. I love all the flowers in your garden. And the Crape Mrytle is a beautiful thing. Love'em.


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