Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Looks Like another Hot Bloom Day

I was afraid I couldn't find a bloom for Bloom Day if the heat persisted without rain. It remains dry with thunder in the distance most every afternoon but few rain showers. I'm making notes of what best takes drought.

The yellow rose bed boasts an occasional daylily and a gladiolus along with scattered yellow roses. Nearby beds have yellow lantana in bloom. Also tolerant of drought is 'Moonbeam' coreopsis.

Meadow builders take note: Laura Bush Petunias appeared from seed in the new bed where everything failed except crab grass. These LB Petunias are in planned areas with Melampodium which also laughs at drought but does not attract butterflies.

Butterflies are attracted to Tithonia and Croscosmia. Both of these are glorious thugs, crowding their companions and easily planting themselves. Notice the crocosmia sports 2 dogface sulphurs. I'll give the dogfaces a post of their own soon, I managed a rare accidental pic of one with wings spread.

Other butterfly favorites blooming now are Verbena on a Stick, Zinnias, Pentas and Porterweed.

Purples! Purple Alternanthera has insignificant tiny clover-like blooms. It is grown for the foliage. Purple Heart has little pink blooms, shown here with Lantana montevidensis. Persian Shield blooms in the greenhouse in the winter, but rarely in the garden. I planted licorice plant not shown here, to bring out the silver in the leaves.  Licorice plant tolerates drought very well, but Persian Shield wants water.

Brazilian Ruellia doesn't mind that it is hot and dry. Neither does Madagascar periwinkle, here in a pale pink that is my favorite.

Among the best tropicals in bloom: Shrimp Plant and two colors of Crinum. Crinums really prefer oceans of water. Pride of Barbados remains in bloom and is putting on seed pods, but I'm not showing P of B as they were not at their best. Yesterday was the first glorious bloom of Tecoma stans, which I'll leave for next month when they're plentiful.

Roses are not the show that they were back in April, but blooms are still appearing. Here: Climbing Peace, Red Cascade and Gene Boerner floribunda.

More roses. The picture of Purple Alternanthera in an earlier pic is viewed from the end of the Rose Rose Bed. Here's a closer look. We are fast approaching the time when rose bushes need an August haircut. Knockout roses are touted as not needing deadheading, but they look better when they get attention. Bottom right is Gene Boerner again, a pink favorite. Top right is Reine des Violettes.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia USA where rose fragrance is noticed along with the fragrance of phlox and an occasional Magnolia blossom. Join us in a glass of iced Ruby Tea, dark and barely sweet.

Bloom Day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Visit her site for links to other Bloom Day Gardens and to link your own.


  1. Loved all the collages ... gorgeous roses and I loved that Brazilian Ruellia. Another great Bloom Day post.

  2. Wonderful post! Here in mid Georgia we needed the rain so badly. Thunder for weeks and last night a downpour! All the tall plants flattened.Still they are grateful for the moisture and I am staking.
    Hope you get a long gentle rain soon.

  3. Another wonderful flower filled post. I really like the Brazilian ruellia. I don't think I've ever seen it before. Your roses are gorgeous as always. What I really love are your crinums, such delicate colors. Mine is white, no blooms yet.

    We need rain here too, we just get teasers. It's already hot and humid out at 7:18 a.m. 83 and with the humidity feels like it is 90. UGH.

    Have a great day Nell.


  4. Thanks for the tip that crinums like oceans of water. I just got some from a friend this year when she thinned hers.

    Do you have any idea why my lantana have not bloomed? They are growing like crazy, but no blooms.

  5. Great post, Nell.

    I was disappointed that you would not have any blooms when I started to read, but my spirits were lifted when I started to read.

    I love that ruellia, so unlike the Mexican variety. It is funny that the purple Mexican ruellia is such an awful thug, but the pink and also white are well mannered as can be. The only difference is the color of the blooms. The RED is really spectacular.

    Lantana that does not bloom.....??? I have never seen such a phenomena. At first, I thought it was not enough sun, but thinking about all of mine, that can't be it. I have lantana growing and blooming very well in deep shade. Maybe it has to do with the variety.

  6. We have had 5 weeks of high temperatures and no rain but thankfully this week the rain has come. Everything here is very soggy but I am sure that when the sun comes back out it will perk up.
    You certainly have a lot flowering despite the heat

  7. aloha,

    i love your photos of your beautiful flowers especially the purple series, the mosaics are great!

    thanks for sharing your blooms today.

  8. Very pretty post! Hope it is okay...i linked your blog to my latest post.

  9. Looks like all your posies are enjoying the heat. I like the name "Brazilian ruellia" better than "red ruellia" as it is called here locally.

  10. That's quite a range of flower colors!

  11. Your roses are beautiful still, Nell Jean.

  12. Nell, I figure any plant that does well in both your garden and mine -- e.g., daylilies and heliopsis -- must be tough, and adaptable! Despite your drought, you have many lovely looking plants. And I like your new blog look, too. -Jean

  13. I do hope you get rain soon. We got "just in time" rain the other day, else everything would have been toast, I think. I've had to dig up brown cottage pinks this week. I couldn't stand looking at the fried foliage any longer.

    Purple Heart is turning into a sun-loving friend! It looks glorious with sedum 'Blue Spruce'. Loves the heat and overwinters for me in the ground. Deer and rabbits leave it alone, too.

  14. Sorry to hear you're not getting much rain. That makes it very difficult to keep a southern garden going without some help from above. Despite your lack of rain, a lot of your plants appear to be doing quite well. Now's the time when the toughest of tough plants shine. Looks beautiful!

  15. Wow Nell you have so many wonderful blooms. I love the foliage of the Persian Shield. The yellow lilies and Lantana are so bright and lovely.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. You have lot of different colors, I have mostly yellows. I guess having lots of roses helps, huh?
    I have noticed that the petunias grown directly in the garden from seed are a lot bushier and sturdier than those transplanted from nursery starts.

  17. I love the purple foliage plants the best and the butterflies!!!!

  18. You have a lot of pretty blooms!

  19. You have lots of color at your place. You have nicely organized collages, and great information about the flowers. I love that pink periwinkle, too.

    I have grown crocosmia a couple times, but it's really a one zone warmer plant, and has only lived a couple or three seasons for me. I'm thinking about trying it again. At least here, it shouldn't be a thug.


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