Wednesday, August 25, 2010

and the Winner Is, in the Drought and Heat:

Lantana! Yellow Lantana has suffered more from the heat than Lantana montevidensis.

This is what I noticed first as I drove in from town:

Butterflies found Lantana, too.

Salivia leucantha behind is getting ready for fall bloom.


  1. What a nice strip of color here.

  2. Wow Nell, how wonderful to pull into your property being greeted with that lovely view. Your butterfly shots are great.


  3. All the purple looks really pretty together. Also, your duranta is pretty blooming on your past post. Mine does not have any blooms...i don't think it gets enough sun where it is planted.

  4. What a beautiful lavender color. I only have had yellow lantana, and it needs a lot of water indeed. Great photos.

  5. I like your purple Lantana bushes. My wild lantana bush here is in bloom and has the butterflys fighting to get to it. A Mockingbird also like it as it spends lots of time jumping frm branch to branch eating the ripe seeds.

  6. Hello Nell--it's been a while since I've stopped by and I know I've missed a lot, but it's been a busy summer for me. I just LOVE your purple lantana. That is one I have never had and I will be on the lookout for it next year. I usually have red or orange or yellow...
    Don't the butterflies seem to be amazing this year? We've had so many it seems almost surreal! Loads of Swallowtails...the garden is just covered with them! Are you seeing any Monarchs down your way yet? They are getting ready to migrate back across the ocean and I just saw one--the first I've seen in recent years.
    Hope you are doing well...and that the rest of the summer cools down a little for you and yours!


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