Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bloom Day and Summer Fruit

There was little rain this month and everything is crispy in the heat.

White Datura manages a few blooms every night to perfume the air. They last until the sun takes them out.

Pentas are dry but butterflies are finding a few blooms for nectar. I'm watering them today.

Shrimp plant continues to bloom despite dry conditions. My photos were not good.

Curcumas are the only gingers blooming.
Drought has revealed the blossoms.
They are usually hidden under foliage.

Scuppernong grapes are ripening and sweet. We watered.

Esperanza has finally bloomed those grand yellow bells.
Pride of Barbados is putting on seed pods and wilting in the heat.
Hard pears are almost ready to make preserves.
We had one peach pie from wild peaches.

Pineapple Pears are ripe and buttery sweet.

Not a partridge in the pear tree, but a mockingbird.
The baby birds have flown.

That's the best of Bloom Day this August. There are scattered roses, enough tithonia on dry plants to attract butterflies, a bit of Moonbeam coreopsis and some listless lantana. Purple Heart is surviving to give that rich purple color. I'm starting to water again after staying inside out of the sun for more than a week. Every day holds promise of rain but it usually passes us by.

Happy Bloom Day to all.


  1. Nell, we are hot and dry here too. Finally got 1/2 inch rain last night but in the 100° sun it won't last long.

    I envy you the pears. Most of our trees were hit early with fire blight and that destroyed the fruit and maybe the trees.

  2. These conditions sound so familiar ... very much like the Summers here in NE Oz. The 'dry' with heat and humidity is really tough on any garden ... but you do have some wonderful plants still blooming and managing to thrive.

  3. Ah yes, the hot and dry theme. Here in Maine the weather has cooled off and there's a nip of fall in the air -- but still no rain. (Like you, we've had lots of promises.) The river near my house is the lowest I've ever seen it. They're promising us rain again on Monday; we'll see. I keep thinking that if it rains my garden might perk up a bit. (I know, I know; I complained incessantly last year about all the cool weather and rain we had!) -Jean

  4. Nell, hot is the key word this summer! The only plants thriving are those heat tolerant and probably drought tolerant (although the rains have come to my south florida region and are giving much needed relief here). I really like your Esparenza and Pride of Barbados...beautiful combination! And the Pentas do well in the heat, although they're not necessarily drought tolerant. Your whites are refreshing!!

  5. My pride of barbados turned crispy months ago. Even the lantana is having a hard time in this weather. Our highs are back into the low 90s or even 80s for the next few days. A splash of rain fell last night. It's been a miserable summer since May. The datura here continue in spite of the heat too.

  6. Hot and very humid down here. Glad to see this post of yours. I've been wondering where you were. Your grapes and pears look delicious, and your flowers lovely.

    Hopefully cooler weather will come sooner rather than later. I sure am ready for it.

    Have a nice day Nell.


  7. Fingers crossed you get a sprinkling soon, though everything looks as if it's holding up quite well. My pears will be ready to harvest in another month. May have to hit you up for a recipe, or two. :) Happy bloom day!

  8. aloha nell

    i would love some of your yummy looking grapes and pears.

    i love the smell of datura in the summertime also, it adds such a nice scent to a garden :)

  9. You have an amazing variety of plants. We are suddenly in drought and heat here in WA state, but a lot of plants haven't figured it out yet and are still blooming and/or green. I water what I can, but it is hard to get everything sufficient water to survive. Kind of looking forward to fall even though summer is my favorite time.

  10. Happy bloom day! What a great collection of bloom and fruit, I'm getting hungry just reading it.

  11. Sorry to hear that you're still not getting much rain. We finally started to get back into a normal rain pattern for this time of year. Your garden is hanging in there and producing lots of flowers in spite of the heat.

  12. Your pineapple pears sound wonderful! Definitely not hot here...not by any stretch. Feel free to some of your extra summer heat this way, our tomatoes would be most grateful!

  13. Hello there, I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful advise. You have no idea how much it means to me coming from someone with so much experience. Your advise on constructive fighting is priceless. It's something I will always have with me. Thank you for that.

  14. Nell - I love your White Datura, just beautiful blooms! (This summer's heat/humidity is definitely stifling - even up here in IL.) :(


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