Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today's Bulbs and those of Spring

It's time to think about planting bulbs for spring and forcing some for winter color inside.

Meantime, fall bulbs put a splash of brilliant color into the landscape.

Oxblood Lilies (Rhodophiala bifida) and chartreuse alternanthera survived recent dought.

A closer look at emerging Oxblood Lilies
These need dividing and moving to make a grander show.


Lycoris radiata are blooming, too.

L. radiata with Porterweed and pentas in the upper garden.

A close up view of L. radiata. The yellow did not bloom.

Now I have to review last spring's pics to see where there are spaces to fill with spring-blooming bulbs. If I had spaces with specific bulbs in mind, those would already be on order. Some years I wait for late bulb sales. Last year I thought the hyacinths were the best show of spring but there are never too many daffodils.

There are some amaryllis getting ready to die back that failed to bloom this spring. I want to dig those, let them rest and force for winter bloom. The big peach color amaryllis that I bought last fall has grown on, died back in its pot and will soon be ready to start again for Christmas bloom.



  1. Delightful color, Nell Jean,
    I'm 'radiant pink' with envy!!

  2. I have never seen the lycoris in that shade. It is much showier than my common pale pink.

    I keep thinking about ordering more bulbs too..........but then I would have to plant them!

  3. I haven't been here for while. Too much other stuff going on in my life. I've missed your blog.

    Almost always, I plant bulbs in the fall but don't think that will happen this year.

    It's okay that the yellow L. radiata didn't bloom because the red/hot pink are gorgous all on their own.


  4. Gotta love those determined plants to make it though the drought. Bulbs? It's time isn't it?

  5. Hi Nell, I do love bulb planting time - gets me thinking about next year's spring excitement. Lovely oxblood lilies!

  6. Nice flowers. Have no fall bulbs...not sure why.

  7. I love all your lilies...especially that frilly red one. Are those hurricane lilies? I wish we could grow spring bulbs here.

  8. Your Lycoris are gorgeous Nell Jean! I agree, never too many daffodils. Although I think I went overboard on the daffs this fall. I have almost 500 to plant! I loved the ones I planted last fall so much, and the deer and gophers don't touch them, so thought I'd order just a 'few' more. I have a lot of work to do! :P

  9. When I am planting bulbs 500 are 'way too many. When they bloom I wish I had planted 3 times that.

    I finally dispensed with individual holes and started digging irregular trenches or nice beds, setting the bulbs in place and covering with compost.


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