Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finally Fall Color

Crape Myrtle Foliage with the muted leaves of Loropetalum.
In the far background are huge bales of cotton on an adjoining farm.

Native sumac and sassafras among scrub oaks and pine.

Crape Myrtles aflame between the driveways.


  1. Wow, your crape myrtle foliage is amazing! Ours doesn't look like that at all. It looks like fall has come to your gardens.

    Glad to see you back Nell. I've missed you.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hi Nell Jean, I have been wondering why I haven't been able to visit you! Your blog has been 'by invitation only' and I was wondering if you were ok! I'm glad to see this post! Your fall colors are very nice. You had to wait quite a while to see it, didn't you?! I've never seen bales of cotton before. That's very interesting!

  3. Good grief, I don't ever remember our Crape Myrtles having such vivid color! Fabulous fall foliage Nell Jean!

  4. Hi Nell Jean,
    Things are looking great your way.

  5. Nell, I didn't realize crepe myrtles had such beautiful colors. My two tiny Acomas haven't done that.

    I love the native plants.

    Glad to see you back with the blog.

    A difference I note in our areas:

    You show bales of cotton in the back ground and I show large round bales of hay.

  6. All of my neighbor's crapes are turning beautiful shades of orange and red, mine however are green..

  7. I'm familiar with the crepe myrtle's 'beautiful blooms, but didn't expect to see such pretty foliage on them in the fall.

    Bales of cotton, now that's something I'll never see in the fields up here.

    I also was wondering about the "by invitation only"......nice to visit your blog again. Take care.


  8. The Crape Myrtle is gorgeous. Mine was not nearly as pretty as yours.You have some wonderful colors in your Fall garden Nell.Glad to hear from you again. Have a wonderful week!

  9. It's nice to see the beauty of your Crepe Myrtle, when we look out our windows and only see a few tattered leaves left. '

    Glad to see you are back.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. Dear Nell Jean, Welcome back! You have been greatly missed. Fall is looking beautiful in your garden! Pam x


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