Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Say Goodnight, Gracie

Storms moved through last night with cold weather following. The first real freeze is expected tonight with a low of 29 degrees -- cold to us. I made pictures of the last of everything. Buffy kindly posed for perspective on the Lantana bed.

Goodnight, Julia Child.

Goodnight, Buckeyes.
Sulphurs and Gulf Frits were still busy on Tuesday in a cool wind.

Last of the zinnias. Purple Heart has already suffered a light frost.
Airplane plants may make it through the winter. I brought in some.

Crape myrtle color will be soon replaced by blooms on Camellias.
These are seedlings planted more than a decade ago.

Purple Lantana is hardier. Yellow has already stopped bloom.
Salvia leucantha behind has new growth at the base which will be killed back.