Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bloom Day Follows a Hard Freeze

Temps in the low twenties the past two nights left very little to bloom. Just north of us was snow and ice early this week. We just had rain followed by cold winds. I did find a blossom or two on some hardy plants.

Camellias are our winter staple. Cold will turn open flowers brown. Tight buds survive extreme cold to bloom when the temperatures rise again as they will by next week. This is Mathotiana in a sheltered corner by the house. The other Camellia japonicas have tight buds.

A single narcissus braved the cold to bloom early underneath an azalea bush.

Not a flower but a stunning fungus on an old stump.

Fringes of Loropetalum are apt to bloom anytime, year 'round.

Alyssum is a tough little plant with a delicate appearance.

Buffy shows off my new garden truck which replaces the golf cart
that I've used for many years for garden chores.
Ike the Cat invites you to come into the greenhouse to see what blooms there.

White shrimp plant has not stopped blooming.
White shrimp plant has not yet bloomed.

Begonias that I brought in because I couldn't bear
to see them freeze cuddle up with striped airplane plants.

White pentas potted for winter.  I took cuttings and dug several.
Pentas are a butterfly fave in summer. Potted, they bloom all winter.

Pink Pentas 'Miss Julie's Favorite' potted for winter.
There is Persian Shield in the background.

Like Carol of  May Dreams, my Christmas Cactus is past its prime and I took a late start with Amaryllis. I hope for Valentine bloom from the hippeastrum. Thanks to Carol for hosting GB Bloom Day. Visit her site to find links to many winter blossoms displayed from across the country. Add your link to show your blooms. See you there!


  1. aloha nell

    happy new love the garden truck - who loves it more buffy or the driver?

    that fungus looks really cool!

  2. I must say, I'm most taken with your garden truck. Someday, when I have an acreage, I want one of those. Had my eye on them. Well, one of those or an Audi. :)

  3. I am delighted by your early narcissus! Your landscape looks like mine will in 8 weeks.

  4. Looking good for mid Jan. So has your white shrimp plant not stopped blooming or hasn't bloomed? I have the rust colored and the yellow..never thought of taking penta cuttings, thanks for that tip.

  5. Nell, Is it wrong to love that fungus photo the best - it's so beautiful! Love your new vehicle and Buffy riding shotgun :)

  6. Dear Nell, The fungus is indeed stunning! And I envy you your blooms as I have none. Also, LOVE the truck (and Buffy, of course). P x

  7. A narcissus! Love a good pre-spring surprise bloom. Enjoy your new farm truck; Buffy definitely seems to approve.

  8. I see you're not letting cold nights from getting in the way of enjoying some blooms. Even here in the subtropics I appreciate my camellia and narcissus--hardy and gorgeous at the same time.

  9. Your gardens are so different from my totally snow-covered gardens in Connecticut. It may not seem to you that there's much for you to share on this bloom day, but it's a heck of alot more than my single amaryllis. Enjoy!

  10. Hi Nell Jean,
    How have you been? Things are looking great your way. I wonder if I could keep a pentas cutting alive inside over the winter.

    I'm sorry you have had such cold nights. Buffy sure grew up fast. That's a cool looking truck.

    So, did you find more flower or animal print things in your house? LOL

  11. Hi Nell Jean, I especially like the narcissus and am yearning for the day when all mine will come up. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. My birdbath is visited above all by ravens who like to wash their food in it, and also by thrushes. I suspect it might be too deep for smaller birds.

  12. Dear Nell ~ Good to read a post of yours again. I've missed you. Love your bloomers outside and in your greenhouse. Buffy looks cute ready and waiting to go for a ride in your new wheels. That fungus photo is stunning.

    Keep warm, spring will be here before long.


  13. I love that gardening 'truck'. Buffy looks all grown up now.

    Nothing blooming or even green in the Ozarks......yet.

  14. I love the truck too, wish I had a garden big enough to justify it.

  15. I want that truck and your pretty blooms.. Thank you for stopping by I am sorry for your loss as well. He was a young man.. From what I read he was loved by many..hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  16. The early December cold here has done a number on the sasanquas, but thankfully the japonicas are still very tight. Buffy looks very happy in her seat.

  17. Buffy looks so darn cute sitting on the new garden truck. The narcissus is my favorite bloom and I'm crazy about the fungus....stunning, indeed.



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