Friday, January 28, 2011

My Best Buds Are Waiting for Warm

Sunny and warm this afternoon, a fine day. I tugged at errant Centipede grass in the beds and raked back mulch that covered emerging bulbs too well.  On the sunny side of a boulder a daffodil that just can't wait has a fat bud surrounded by spiky leaves.

I remembered to look up. Sure enough Taiwan cherry buds are ready to pop in the next two weeks or so. Fuzzy buds of deciduous magnolia look like pussy willow catkins. Little Dogwood trees not yet five years old and grown from seeds have tightly folded buds awaiting the right time to bloom.

Dreadful cold the past few weeks have kept camellias from yet blooming. Tight buds wait for warmer days. The old camellias seem to have fewer buds this year than last. One seedling camellia has many buds, this being the fourth year that it will have bloomed.

Easily distracted, I didn't do much work. I strolled the Azalea Walk and the Upper Garden, remembering what Tara Dillardwrote today about planting more shrubs, fewer perennials.  If you garden in the south and don't know Tara, you might want to follow her blog. I do.

I tugged at some layered limbs that have self-rooted and decided we needed more long azalea beds starting where the bench is in this pic; maybe more hydrangeas, too. Oakleaf hydrangea suckers are plentiful. I am going to limb up the biggest, oldest oakleaf to make room for a white camellia it is crowding. I got that idea from Tara's blog.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to see things coming back to life again!

    It hasn't hit here yet...........for the outside things or me.

    More shrubs, now there is a good idea. I will check out Tara's blog soon.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Good morning Nell ~ How exciting to see things budding out. Pretty soon you'll be seeing lovely blooms everywhere. I have a lot of shrubs and am getting ready to fling a mixed up bunch of flower seeds that are only getting older and taking up space.

    Happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

  3. One of the lovely things about reading your blog, and others from warmer climates than mine is to follow as your spring begins, so far ahead of my own. So sweet and hopeful to note all the buds, just waiting...

  4. My Camellias are still in bud form too.

  5. NeilJean,

    Looking forward to seeing your camellia and all that comes with spring in your garden. I have an open crocus this morning!

  6. Camellias are so beautiful to me - can't wait to see yours blooming. I am planning on expanding my camellia collection - just can't seem to get enough of these beautiful shrubs!

  7. Your words, "I strolled the Azalea Walk" make me jealous....a nice kind of jealous. Enjoy your sunshine and warmth.


  8. Thank you for the kind comments.

    Today I noticed that I had overlooked the 'Snowball' viburnum which has buds of promise. I did not trim it back last summer. I think now to let it be a snowball tree.

  9. I always enjoy seeing larger views of people's gardens and not just individual blooms. Yours looks intriguing. I love the look of that large container (ceramic?) that you have. And is that a creek in the background?

  10. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother, Bob. It is truly a small world, I KNEW HIM! We both worked at the FAA for many years. He worked in Airway Facilities, but after he got his law degree and passed the bar he work in Labor and Employee Relations on a detail for a year. I worked in that office for 24 years. I had received an e-mail from the FAA retiree group about his death and was so sorry to hear about it. While he was working with us he was also working his law office in Jonesboro and I remember when he retired from the FAA and then went full time with his law office.

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    Again, I'm so sorry to hear about Bob.


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