Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Poll: Blogging, Gardening, Facebook and Blotanical

First poll of the New Year. Isn't it time for Stuart to come off Holiday and back to Blotanical? Can we look forward to changes for the better? Will there be another popularity contest? These questions are not the Poll -- see it on the sidebar. Choose as many answers as are appropriate.

I am tired of Winter already and it just began. We even had snow flurries on December 26 here where it never snows. You had to be outside to be sure it was snowing. The ground was too warm for any accumulation.

I found a narcissus blooming outside in a sheltered spot today. Spring will come again.

Don't forget to take part in the poll, please.


  1. Happy narcissus, Nell Jean. I don't feel qualified to enter your poll with official votes, as last year was so unusual for me. Except for schoolwork and travel, I did everything less (including Blotanical), and spent a little more time on Facebook and Twitter. But I'm back now... blogging, Blotting, and hopefully gardening.

  2. Yep, Spring can't come too soon can it?

  3. So glad to see you again Nell. I did take your poll. I rarely visit Blotanical these days. It seems like one huge popularity contest is going on, a competition of sorts, and I was never into competing. I'm not on FB either. I was for a very short while, just to visit others, then got the heck out of Dodge. It was hard to get disentangled too, (I kept being sent to another little window, asking if I was sure I wanted to leave the community, until they finally gave up and let me proceed) and I feel better having done so.

    This year I want to garden 'better'. I'm not adding any more garden areas, but trying to condense and better care for what I have. The economy has had an effect as I'm not buying like I was at all. I'm growing from seeds I have and cuttings.

    Gardening is part of my life, and I really enjoy it in spite of the hard work. The rewards of scents and beauty are worth the effort.

    Love and hugs and Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  4. We are in the midst of monsoon season, wettest. So we garden less....

  5. I don't go on Blotanical as much, except when I feel like searching out more blogs to follow. I never get more than two or three picks on my posts, so my posts tend to get lost on it and I feel like I'm not popular enough to gain readers from the site.

    I don't let it form my opinions about the quality of my blog though, I love my blog. I liked Blotanical more before all the changes earlier in the year.

  6. Hi -- I have been sporatic on my reading of blogs as our new internet is not consistant. As for Blotanical, I think I have been there about four times since June.
    Happy to see spring blooms are happening for you.

  7. I've been wondering about that too, just how long a six-month hiatus is supposed to last. (I'd thought that if Stuart wanted to extend the break, he'd have at least said he was going to.) But, you know, it's free, and I don't use it that much, so whatever.

    My main issue with Blotanical is that there's just too much there to navigate around effectively. I stopped using it to get to the blogs I read because there are so many blogs, posting so often, that I could spend all day at Blotanical and still not see half of what people are writing. It's too much. Also I dislike having to load pages twice to see the original post in its original format: my connection is fast, but my computer is not, and it takes extra time I don't have.

  8. Hi Nell Jean, I am glad you're posting again. Hope you had a great Christmas and sending wishes for a wonderful new year!

  9. Hi, Nell Jean and Happy New Year;
    I'll confess... I really don't 'get' Blotanical. When my good blogging friend, Gloria (Dakota Garden) was visiting me in the real world she explained it but I have so much trouble navigating around that website. It makes me feel dumb. Anyhoo, I prefer FB though I know there is quite the love/hate attitude with folks regarding that behemoth...

  10. Dear Nell Jean, Great to see you! I must confess I like Blotanical because I find new blogs there. I just try not to let it become addictive and I blog at a pace manageable for me. I do agree its time for Stuart to return, though. I haven't got around to putting my blog on FB - although I'm on there. I don't visit FB very often. Wishing you a happy and healthy gardening year! P x

  11. I enjoyed Blotanical when I first joined, because it helped me find many wonderful garden blogs to enjoy. But it's so much easier to read all the blogs I enjoy in a feed instead of Blotanical, so I stopped visiting. It was too much like a high school popularity contest, and that isn't why I blog. JMHO

  12. Jean, It's really good to see you back here. We're over the shortest day, so spring is on the horizon ... that's got to be a plus after the brutal winter we've had in the UK!
    As for thoughts on Blot, Facebook etc. I think Blot has lost the plot without Stuart at the helm - it's too slow, too complicated and even the new bloggers don't appear on a regular basis andy more. A pity because it used to be a really useful meet point for garden bloggers. I follow all my favourite blogs in Reader now so that I can see what they're up to.
    As for FaceAche ... it serves a purpose and once again, gives me the chance to take a quick look at my favourite blogs.
    Hope you have a great gardening year and perhaps we'll meet in 2011!

  13. Hi Nell Jean, those are some interesting poll questions. I'll be curious to see the compiled results. I was on facebook for a while, but quit. Just felt overwhelmed by all the people wanting to be my "friend" on the basis of everything from my last name to the school I attended. I wonder if it really generates more traffic for blogs? Like some of the other commenters, in the meantime I find it easier to just use google tools/feed to read my favorite blogs, and find myself using Blotanical less. Which is in a way unfortunate since I originally found so many great contacts there.

  14. I'm also ready for winter to end. I wasn't as into gardening last summer as usual but now am so anxious to get outside and play in the dirt.
    I am on Facebook and actually find more connection with other garden bloggers there. I rarely go to Blotanical anymore. I don't like the rating of posts and it just takes too long to read blogs there anymore. I used to visit all the time, but think I liked the way it worked better a couple of years ago.

  15. Hi there,

    Facebook is good because you can get great comment threads going. It is fun. Also, it is so easy to post photographs.

    Love it here too,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  16. Nell Jean I have linked to you, and put up Stuart's message from the forums. Will be interesting to see what unfolds. Blotanists, now is your chance to shape the new Blotanical ... Going to your poll now, I've missed them, and you ;>)

  17. Hi, I am new to blotanical, I reached your site through Elephants Eye. I must say for a start I was intrigued and confused with blotanical. I am finally getting my head round it, for an oldie like me it will be a case of starting over again with all the changes. I love gardening, and have enjoyed the blogging thing for a few years. Now getting comments that I would never have received before getting involved with blotanical.But don't tell anyone the comments just come from those I fave, pick and comment on. Now at a stage that I worry at not being so involved with blotanical when the gardening season gets truly under way.

  18. I wasn't able to do your poll. Is it finished?

    I am not posing as often.

    I am reading other blogs more some days than others. I'm not sure if it's as much as I used to.

    I am on Facebook because a former student who lives in another state talked me into it to keep in touch and so I could see her photos.

    I didn't garden as much last summer because I was having jaw problems, and it hurt to use my right side. I hope to garden more this summer. (When I say I gardened less, it was still more than most folks I know from around here.)

    My own personal finances (paying off appliances after a kitchen remodel) affected my gardening last summer. We're still paying for the remodel, but the appliances are paid off, so next year will be better.

    I rarely go to blotanical. I check my messages from time to time, and look to see if anyone has picked any of my posts. No one has picked any of them since April. I don't know if something isn't working right, or if it's due to the new system, or me not making picks. I wouldn't think it would be the latter, because there were picks from time to time from people I hadn't picked posts of before.

    I kind of miss reading blogs through blotanical, but I also don't like the extra steps of the new rating system.

    My problem is that I have way too many blogs I like, and cannot physically keep up with all of them.

  19. Hi again Nell Jean,
    I wanted to let you know that I have been using Facebook a lot lately and although it might 'sound' like a strange place in the media, it is actually a fantastic place to connect with other garden bloggers. I can't imagine life without it anymore. I am there most days and find it an easy way to connect with people everywhere, meet new gardeners and find out about everything from new garden blog directories, new garden blog magazines and the next garden bloggers meetup. I don't think it's going away any time soon!


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