Friday, January 21, 2011

Polls Are Likely Skewed

A small sampling reflects only the opinion of the few. Here are the results of my recent poll on blogging and such, with 37 readers responding.

Eighteen percent are blogging more, a little more than half are blogging about the same and 24 % have cut back.

A little more than a quarter are reading fewer blogs. (I'm reading blogs, but fewer of them are about gardening. Did you know there are people who blog about makeup? One of the frequent questions is how many lipsticks do you carry in your purse. Lipsticks? In my purse?)

Sixty four percent of those taking part are on Facebook. (Suddenly there are gardeners all over Facebook in addition to kinfolks, old school chums, and work-related friends.)

A general trend is toward spending less and growing more food.
Ten percent are spending more time on Blotanical, 62% are spending less time there and only about a quarter said they were looking forward to new changes there. (What new changes? some asked. Those might be the same who said they didn't know Stuart had a blog in last year's poll.)

I would like to see Blotanical Awards again in 2011. It kind of stirs up the competitive gene in us and gives reason to seek out new members. How about you?

Oh, and how many lipsticks in YOUR purse? Lip balm in your pocket is not the same.


  1. Garden thoughts? But ... one lipstick, in my 'purse'. Lip balm is also, in my 'purse'! Except my purse contains coins, and it is all in my handbag ;~(0)

  2. Dang, guess I missed the poll...I blog about the same as I always have. I am enjoying being back on blotanical and finding new blogs...I don't your tomato here and I have several lipsticks in my purse and I don't even wear lipstick...hmm

  3. I feel the same way Darla, I missed the blog and I love giving opinions! I just found your blog so I guess I have a lame excuse.

    I read a wide variety of blogging topics. I read to be entertained or informed or both.

    I keep 2 lipsticks in my purse. My spare purses usually have at least one which cause me to rifle through purses when I remember a certain lipstick that I want. I am still in search of the perfect shade.

  4. I love to giggle out loud, and your last lipstick reference caused a nice one. I am going to a cell group Bible study tonight. It will be my first with this group. It meets twice a month. I decided I should make an effort to be around people in the flesh once in awhile. That means I won't get caught up visiting the blogs of those who left comments on my last couple of posts. That causes a little anxiety, but I'll make an effort to catch up this weekend.

    Have a great one!

  5. Guess the truth needs to be told! I carry a purse and one pocket is full of lipstick, 15-20 different kinds. Grumpy my one-eyed cat sure hates it when I put lipstick on him too.

  6. I do carry lipstick in my purse and lip balm!

    If we northern gardeners depended on just gardening blogs, we would have to take vacation time from about November to February....then it would just be certain seeds under lights!

    I don't do Facebook or any of the other social websites (not even sure if that is the correct term for them). I think I spend enough time as it is on the internet.

  7. One lip balm for everyday and one "nice" lipstick for dressing it up a bit! Interesting poll...

  8. Your post brought a much needed giggle. And laughing at myself, as well. I didn't know Stuart had a blog. Yes, lipstick in my purse. Lots o' candy, too! :)

  9. I am blogging more, loving Blotanical and I carry no lipstick in my purse..just a natural girl of 53!! Love the blog

  10. Thanks for reporting on the results of your poll, which I also took. There are blogs on everything under the sun. I recently stumbled on one on the clothes worn by Hindi movie stars and how to simulate them. No lipstick in my backpack.

  11. Lipstick in my purse? Ha! I can't even find lipstick in the house. Need to change that as I do sometimes like to wear lipstick but don't have a single stick! Too funny of a thought. I too am amazed about the subject folks blog about. I think it neat as we all have our own interest and they are most varied.

  12. P.S. I don't miss the Blotanical awards and I am blogging less, barely visiting Blotanical. Not sure why but it has been nice to tell you the truth.

  13. I think polls are fun, but results are what you want them to be. Lipstick? I usually keep one lipstick in my purse. I hope I am not caught dead without it. I wear lipstick when I work in the garden! I enjoy blotanical, but sometimes I feel guilty when I don't have time to visit all the great bloggers who have supported me. I do the best I can. I'll let you know how I feel about changes when they happen. I think some things at blotanical need changing, but I don't know if Stuart has the same ideas I have. We'll see!

  14. Wow, sorry I missed that poll. I'm spending more time blogging, looking at more photo blogs. But I find Blotanical way too confusing and hard to navigate to use. What with taking photos and selecting and posting them, and the all-important gardening (not too much lately here in Seattle, it's true) who has time for oddball blogs, no matter how amusing?

    And ONE lipstick, plus a gloss stick. But it's one of those all-day paint on lipsticks.


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