Friday, February 25, 2011

Colors of Spring Bursting Out Here

It isn't Spring yet, but there are colorful blossoms everywhere.

Sulphur butterflies are out and attracted to hyacinths.
I couldn't get a good enough pic to show the butterfly.

Narcissus, an old cultivar, here for years and years.

China Pink, my favorite hyacinth.

Daffodils in various areas bloom at different rates.

Loropetalum above and below

Hyacinths come in such wonderful colors.

They don't all bloom at the same time,
just like the daffodils.

Delft Blue

Erlicheer Daffodils behind are just about to bloom.

There are spots and swaths of yellow all over.
A marvelous year for daffodils.

Deciduous magnolias bloom a few blooms at a time in case there is another freeze.

This is the year of the Daffodil. Prolonged cold in January was hard on camellias as was
scale insects. The cold brought out daffodils like I've not seen in years.

Ice Follies and large cupped yellow daffodils are outstanding. Juanita is a showgirl. Tiny Tete-a-Tete and Jet Fire cyclamineus daffodils are bright and plentiful. Erlicheer is just opening. Minnow shows promise, usually shy to bloom. February gold and Sweetness jonquillas are open. Ice Wings, Sailboat and Pink Charm are soon to bloom. Other cultivars are just coming out of the ground. If the warm weather holds they will open quickly or the blooms will blast. A shower of rain this morning helped. 


  1. How lovely to see all these beautiful splashes of colour around your garden. There are indeed signs of Spring everywhere.

  2. Gorgeous. Love the start of Spring!! Hyacinths are my favourite flower...because of the fragrance. Beautiful.

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  4. Have I every told you how much your style of gardening appeals to me? Well, it bears repeating. I love the drifts here and there and nothing cluttered or crowded so you can appreciate each scene without any distraction.

    Spring is a wonderful time in your garden....each time I visit, I think I need to plant more bulbs.....then fall hits and I get very lazy.

    I do enjoy yours!

    PS: I don't think my lorapetalum is ever going to get as lovely as yours....maybe I am too far north.

  5. You give us hope!

    Actually, it has been warm here off and on for the last few weeks --too warm for February and the willow trees have leaves already -- with almost 2 more months of potential freezes ahead of us.

  6. It's a great time of year waiting for colour!

  7. I was drooling over your yard till I saw that golf cart thingy, then it turned into a flood! I love that thingy. I want one, NOW! 8>)

  8. Beautiful! It really is coming alive - this spring seems early.

  9. Dear Nell Jean, I believe spring HAS arrived in your garden and is looking very lovely! Please send her to my house. P x

  10. Love the daffodils! So cheerful when the rest of the garden is just waking up. Ice Follies is my favorite :-) Happy Spring!!

  11. Wow! You have an amazing amount of blooms already! Everything looks so pretty. The fourth picture, of the daffodils and garden, is just beautiful.

  12. Beautiful sights of Spring here. This is a great year for the Daffs!

  13. You have a wonderful collection of daffs and other spring things. Like you said in your comment on my post, though, it isn't spring until the pecans say so.


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