Friday, February 11, 2011

A Glimpse of Spring

We went to Atlanta for a funeral earlier this week. The weather was cloudy with a chill wind. That night it snowed there but we were safe at home before bedtime. It only rained this far south.

Yesterday was another dreary day. Today the sun came out. I found this in the front yard.

These particular daffodils were planted more than 40 years ago by my late sister-in-law.

If anyone tells you to toss paperwhites that were forced in
water, disregard that advice in the South. These recovered.

Taiwan Cherries coming in bloom today.

I am anticipating a new neighbor nearby and known to me. She gardens!


  1. So many thoughts and emotions in this post. Sorrow for your loss, happiness in your new neighbor, memory in the daffodil bloom, struggle for life in the paperwhites, and renewal in the cherry blossoms. A fitting overview of any garden.

  2. Nothing says Spring like daffodils.

    How nice for you having a neighbor that you know and that gardens! I am alone out here in the country and no one really does ornamental gardening ... that I know.

  3. Sorry for your loss...the Daffs are so pretty, mine are close to exciting a new neighbor that gardens...!

  4. Does the new neighbour, garden, and blog? We would love to see her garden too. When you visit, and blog about it?

  5. Daffodils and tulips mean spring to me, but alas I only see them in the grocery stores. My paperwhites do bloom occasionally, but not every year.

    Sorry for your loss Nell.

    Glad you have a new neighbor moving in that enjoys gardening.

    I love seeing the different blossoms that are blooming for you. Enjoy and have a really nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. Lovely! We're celebrating our first daffodil blooms this week too...although with rain coming, I'm afraid they may look droopy by the end of next week, but we're enjoying them all the same!

  7. Taiwan's budding out here too along with Swamp Red Maples.

    What a wonderful way to remember someone! I've never seen an online obit with photos like that.

    Enjoy your new neighbor!

  8. It is so exciting seeing the first daffodils. I've noticed buds but no flowers yet. Any day now.

  9. I'm ready for a little spring renewal right now. Hooray, you, for getting paperwhites to rebloom in the garden. *Here* we *would* have to toss them.

  10. Hi Nell...enjoyed seeing the pics of your daffodils and paper paper whites are done I supposed to cut down the foliage now? You may remember me as MOMOF6 from garden web...miss all the old gang...take care...Mary

  11. Mary, MOMOF6, how wonderful to hear from you! Wait until the foliage on your paperwhites turns yellow before you cut it down. If you cut it down now, the bulbs will not be able to form next year's blossoms.


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