Monday, February 28, 2011

Time Goes by so Quickly and Spring Can Do So Much...

Warm days hasten Spring bulbs into bloom. Yesterday's buds are open today.
Jet Fire and Tete a Tete. Jet Fire has orange cups.
Ice Follies in the distance.

I was seeing Erlicheer on the blogs of others. Mine have opened now. 
The stems are weak for such large clusters of bloom , so they lay down in the wind.

Above are Pink Charm and Ice Wings. Sail Boat not yet blooming.
This area will revert to grass when the daffodil foliage dies back.

Below are Pink Charm and emerging Rose Campion foliage.
Other summer plants will join Rose Campion to hide the dying daffodil foliage.

When I have mixed hyacinth bulbs, I like to separate them by color and plant.
These turned out to be shades of pink and lavender blooming happily together. 

China Pink hyacinths in a bed that will have pink flowers later
to attract summer butterflies. Hyacinths attract early yellow sulphur butterflies.

Wind laid over this Delft Blue stem.

When I plant mixed bulbs, I try to separate in clumps of one color.

Camellias have finally opened up. January's cold set them back.

Most of my camellia pics turned out badly. Maybe more later.
There are still tight buds on many of the bushes. 

One Redbud tree has blossomed.
Dogwoods are starting to show stamens in the center of buds.


  1. I am so envious! (Note to self - plant bulbs this Fall!) Thanks for sharing, especially for us "Zone 5" folks that can't seem to shake the 35 degree temps! (arg!)

  2. Beautiful! I love the song too...have it by the Righteous Brothers and just listened to it a few days ago.

    I love all your variety. and the dogwood by the house looks wonderful with the contrast of colors.

    I currently have in bloom: henbit! - not a goodf thing.

  3. Your blooms are lovely, but the photo of the blue bench and all the wide open space in the background is my favorite.


  4. I love seeing your spring bloomers Nell. You have so many that I can't grow down here, so I will just enjoy yours.


  5. I need to put some Daffs in the grass too. I love how natural this looks...I must get a redbud tree.

  6. Hooray for spring! It's great to see daffodils, camellias, and all the other cheerful blooms. Do your hyacinths return every year? I'm afraid mine quickly perish, and I do love hyacinths! I can grow the little grape hyacinths, at least.

  7. Gorgeous! I can't believe how much you have blooming! Our Dutch Masters that we planted two years ago are up, but the Tete a Tetes I planted this year aren't blooming yet. I got them in the ground late, but am hoping they'll bloom soon. Your redbud is lovely too. I'd love to plant one here, if I can keep the deer off it!

  8. Love those pink hyacinths! I've been noticing the red bud trees - I love them. I'm so glad spring is here!

  9. Beautiful! I need to add some variety to our daffodils. All of ours are plain yellow - maybe this fall. Love the redbud too!

    Thanks for the alert on the feedscraper. I've been informing people as I can find them for about a week now. I've submitted 4 abuse reports with Google with the latest one today. The site had Google Ads all over the top which were yanked by Google so the actual garden bloggers are winning the war!

  10. Those Pink Charms are on my wish list. Your redbud is stunning.

  11. It's going to be a while before any spring bulbs even start to poke their way out of the ground around here :( Snow is still over a foot deep.

    yep, we have some of the cleanest air in the states. I'm lichen it.

  12. The hyacinths have the prettiest colours don't they? I'm soooo longing for colour here, anything will do!


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