Friday, March 4, 2011

Are You My Mentor?

Just as we approach Spring mode in the northern Hemisphere, Blotanical is undergoing changes. Bloggers who apply to join are now assigned a Mentor. You may find some temporarily disabled pages but the new changes will be finished soon.

When I signed up for Blotanical, I forgot to return for a few days. When I did, I found a long page or two of messages from other members. Some had visited my blog and left comments, but I didn't connect the two events right away. A couple of members Faved my blog and I wasn't sure what to do about that. I could have used a Mentor.

 I had to go back and read the FAQs several times to make sure I was doing it right. I learned something new each time I returned. I finally watched the tutorial, which was a big help in understanding the various aspects.

 Picks are the oil that runs Blotanical, determining the most popular blog Posts from alphabetical lists. Clicks determine the most popular blogs of the week, and the past 24 hours, by number of actual visits to the blog. Picks quickly add points for those aspiring to a higher rank.
Picks do not count as visits, because picks are chosen through a RSS feed. Clicks occur when the icon of an actual blog is clicked by a visitor. (Watch closely to see the word 'clicks' in the URL before it quickly changes). The blog icon may be in one of the lists of blogs: Most Faved, On the Rise, Most Popular or it may be on the plot of the blogger.

Neither clicks nor picks determine the status of the blogger as determined by Faves. You know if you've been Faved; notice is given. If the person who Faved one has a change of heart, the quiet deletion may or may not be noticed by the displaced Favorite. A low Fave number is to be desired, the most Faved member being number One. There is a finite number of Faves one can bestow. Picks and clicks are unlimited.

Plots give information about a blogger: When did he join blotanical? Is he participating in the Picks game? Does he visit other members' plots and blogs? Has he revealed a little of himself and his garden? Messages are sent and received here, private between two members, but public for all to read. Different than comments in a blog, messages are a mode of conveying appreciation, information or welcome.

The dynamics of Blotanical are no different from any other aspect of polite society. Surveys show that perhaps one in 10 of those who join become active. Splinter groups form; some who started out together some years ago; active newcomers; geographical groups; some with narrower interests like crafts or cooking.

Among the individuals are some with differing intent: members who joined to increase traffic to their blog as a lucrative endeavor. They directly compete with ads on Blotanical itself. Shall we click and buy from them? Are they visiting others and offering support, or just hoping for a customer to wander in? Check their Plot.

Deciduous Magnolias signal the start of Spring weather.

There's a Poll on the side bar. Please join in.


  1. Nell, this is a very helpful post! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Nell Jean! Had to vote for my BlotSprouts ;~)

  3. I am surprised you had to find out the information on your own. I know many who would have helped if you asked. It does look like you got the lay of the land though. It is fun and convenient to visit blogs through Blotanical. I make use of My Faved Blogs list to see when a blogger has a new post. That is what I find the best thing about faves. You don't miss a new post.

  4. Blotanical can become addictive. It certainly has changed a lot since I first joined (was one of the first few). I don't think it was so complicated then. It's great you have figured it all out and from your post you will be helping new Blotanists that join.

  5. great post and I am glad there are now mentors...I also could have used one in the beginning.. I have found so many wonderful blogs from around the world here more than anywhere and I love reading hundreds of blogs weekly...

  6. Your photo collage is wonderful and I think you are a very lucky gardener to live so far south.

    I've never gone to blotanical...not sure why.


  7. Thanks for the warm welcome! "Crazy Since Tuesday and Blueberry Pie" is the name of my blog. I was playing around with other names and logged off before changing it back.

    Thanks for the visit!

  8. Great informative post! Your magnolias are lovely. Flowers on bare trees? I can smell the flowers from my desktop.

  9. Yeah, I was quite confused about this picks vs. clicks thing, and you clear it up nicely in the post here. Thanks! (and thanks for the flowers)

  10. It wasn't so easy figuring blotanical out by myself either. I still have trouble from time to time. This is a great post!

  11. Your magnolia looks good enough to eat! I wonder, could you, eat the petals in a salad?

    (You have written the post that is swirling at the back of my mind, and rumbling in my computer. Yours however is gracious, mine is still at the crabby, needs to be declawed stage ;~)

  12. It is a year later, and I again have a crabby, needs to be declawed post swirling. But I'm now very interested in Stuart's potential fourth alternative for Blotanical!


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