Thursday, March 24, 2011

Butterflies on Azaleas -- and Picks Poll Results

I was delighted to see butterflies on Azaleas, Roses and Bath's Pinks today.

A dark Swallowtail was here just a moment ago!

They showed up in twos and threes, Tigers and Darks and an
occasional Yellow Sulphur. Only Tigers posed. 

This butterfly stopped to rest on a pollen dusted camellia bush.

Notice dark Sweetshrub blooms against the azaleas.

Hot dry weather is already drying up the first azaleas to open. Mr. Butterfly still found nectar. 

I bought these white as Delaware White Azaleas. Not.
They're pretty, though.

First open on George L. Tabor.
Yellow leaves from drought.

Judge Solomon, here for fifty years.
My fav of the Indicas.

Results of the informal poll on Picks on Blotanical.
Of 18 who took part:

One comments and does not pick.
Two were not members of Blotanical.
Seven said they picked from their list of Faves.

Eight said they're all over the place, from choices of
New, Most Faved, My Faves and Alphabetical List.


  1. Wow! You have a lot of butterflies! I've seen a few around here, but nothing like yours. Impressive. Sorry to hear the hot dry weather is hurting your azaleas. It's been hot and dry here, too. Not looking forward to summer's weather if it stays like this.

  2. Hello Nell-Jean, Those are beautiful butterflies! We don't tend to get swallowtails in our area so I always admire pictures of them visiting other peoples gardens (and have a slight pang of jealousy)!

  3. My Exbury azalea is very close to blooming... a lovely coral-orange flower, so looking forward to it. Wish I could say our weather was "hot and dry" right now... it's only been "cool and wet" for weeks!

  4. Gorgeous on so many levels. Photography,blooms, butterflies, garden...

  5. Wow, the butterflies are big and beautiful. Lovely flowers too.

  6. Your azaleas are really blooming profusely! If I live in the neighbourhood, I come over to your garden to watch the show of butterflies. Perhaps one of two may just happen to rest on my shoulders.

  7. Thank you, all of you, for visiting and commenting. I added a little video of dark Swallowtails to my Dotty Plants blog which you can get to by clicking on the link on the sidebar.

    Autumn Belle, every time a butterfly came my way this afternoon I wondered if you'd been here he'd have chosen you. I think they like my yellow shirt.

  8. I do enjoy your azaleas! I am not successful with them. Butterflies wonderful.

    I saw on our news the other day a drought map. I didn't realize how widespread the drought was in the south. I hope you get some rain soon.

  9. Goodness, it looks beautiful over there in Georgia! We just recieved a fresh layer of snow here in Utah. Your pictures of the butterflies and blooming plants are wonderful. A great sign of spring time is on its way.

  10. Your azaleas are gorgeous -- and your butterflies. I've seen my very first today (but they're a lot less dramatic), so I guess it must be - shhhh - the end of winter...

  11. Nell
    Dare I admit... your azaleas are lovely, but for some reason this is a plant that does not make my heart go pitter-patter.
    The butterflies, on the other hand: Well, I make every effort to invite them to my garden.
    Of course, I'm in a region where Azaleas are not appropriate. Perhaps I would feel differently if I lived in your region.
    Wishing you a lovely spring,
    we await spring in Northern California, in the strange, unseasonable weather we're experiencing.

  12. Gorgeous azaleas and those butterflies are beautiful, so many!


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