Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dribblers, Sprinklers, Soakers

Dribblers -- drilled pipes with a tee on the end for stability and threaded ends for a hose.
Two can be connected for a longer span.
The idea for these came from Janie Varley.

If you pick them up with the drilled holes away from you, you can move a dribbler
a short distance without getting wet, unlike moving a sprinkler. With the holes up, it's a stationary sprinkler. Holes down, water goes straight down along a row.
All the soakers that ooze have been discarded here, past their usefulness and full of holes.
I like flexible 1/2" soaker hoses with holes.
They usually sell out fast in garden centers and hardware stores here.

A bulb catalog came in the mail this week. In the midst of dragging out a dozen hoses with accompanying dribblers, sprinklers and soakers and opening in-ground water supply outlets
I was making plans for fall planting. 


Baby Moon

Yellow Cheerfulness is also one of last to bloom.
Albus plenus odoratus was in a mowing accident; 
we may not see blooms of it for a year or so. Need more of all these.
I'm waiting for Salome who usually pretends she isn't going to bloom, surprise!

 When I watered part of the Upper Garden this birdbath caught water.
This is a decorative piece; the working birdbaths have constant dripping
water for the birds. 

Nearby I noticed that 'Pink Bells' are blooming. From a Hyacinthoides hispanica
mixture planted some years ago only the pink survive so we have no
'Blue Bells' in the garden. Another plant failed to live
up to its hype of 'luscious naturalized woodland meadows and rivers.'
Just a dribble of pink among emerging ginger foliage, but interesting to see.

Starting to water did the trick. We got 0.7" rainfall today.


  1. Hi Nell Jean. Thanks for sending me the message about the messages on my plot. I feel a bit silly now since they were right there on my page. But I haven't been logging in -- Just finding blogs I liked without logging in. I updated my plot a little, but couldn't figure out how to 'favorite' a blog. Will work on that. Happy weekend to you:)

  2. I have also been looking at the bulb catalogs and planning. I have never moved bulbs after they have bloomed in the spring, have you? I always try to figure out where they are in the fall, then move them, which is pretty hard! And I need to move/ divide quite a few. What do you think?

  3. Great info. All the stuff can be found at just about any big box store to put together a few dribblers. I should do that this year. It's just expensive to water ornamentals in the city.

    I've been making plans about fall too. Funny, I hate winter, but I love spring and fall. I can move and divide and sure enough, a big storm comes through and dumps rain for days. We've gotten .27" so far, but there's a long more coming.

  4. Neil, loving your spring blooms.
    Very cool new blog look...very different from before.

  5. I like those dribblers too, and will see about making a couple of those for our gardens. We do have some pipe, and various parts already on hand.

    I always enjoy seeing what is blooming in your gardens Nell. Love that birdbath.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  6. All my soaker hoses finally gave out...with some help from a nameless dog!

    We are very fortunate here. The last few years didn't require much watering.

    We are having some very cold weather, freezing and below. It did rain almost all day yesterday. Ponds are overflowing.

    I tried for a drift of bluebells here; it didn't work even one year!

  7. I too am loving all your spring arrivals. I have Salome planted too and she is a slow one to the party.


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