Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Every Bit of Yellow Is not a Daffodil

Everywhere you look here there are clumps of yellow daffodils. Some are yellow trumpets, some bi-colored and some pale fading to white.

The little ferny bluish green plants at the feet of these daffodils are California poppies which will
come on to hide the fading daffodil foliage as it matures. Behind is bluish foliage of Pinks.

Besides California poppies this bed has corydalis blooming.
It is a weed just like the chickweed that covers much of the bed.
Chickweed is obnoxious but quickly dies away in the hot sun.
I pull as much chickweed, henbit, wild geranium, artillery plant and
red sorrel as I can get to but it isn't always a priority except
around more desirable plants.

I like to know the name of my weeds. They're easier to fight when you know their names.
Looking at daffodils and corydalis from a different direction.
Chickweed is already turning yellow and California Poppies are coming on strong.

When I was pulling chickweed and artillery plant over in another bed, I noticed a tiny viola plant,
then another. Suddenly I saw Blossoms! Violas from last year volunteered and are blooming
among emerging larkspur and poppies.

I weed carefully so as not to miss tiny seedlings.
That centipede grass will rip out in a line if I get it soon.

Ice Follies have been Daffodil of the Year here. These stand among chickweed I haven't pulled,
emerging Purple Heart and Larkspur and Poppy seedlings. Dormant daylilies are emerging, too.

... so much to see I can't show you it all. So much to do I don't get to it all. 


  1. Beautiful post! I love your gorgeous..and yay..I have ice follies too..I truly adore pretty. I am still snow covered but look forward to them in the months ahead!
    Gorgeous photos! I havent been garden bloggin much the past year...but still love to pop in and see everyones spaces! It has been lovely visiting your space again..beautiful photos.
    Happy March

  2. Great post. Beautiful daffs. I'm partial to the Ice Follies. Everything is nicing up there. Have a great day.

  3. Beautiful natural looking setting....oh the weeds, I know what you mean!

  4. Your daffodils are beautiful, but I just love the little violas. Your last line - so much to see I can't show you it all, so much to do I don't get to it all - is well said.

  5. Beautiful Jean! Mine are quite a few weeks from blooming.

  6. Wow, all of them are beautiful yellows. No matter what they are! But i love most that pansy, why is it only one?

  7. Neil Jean,'

    The pansy in the larkspur is lovely! Your daffodils are really looking great. Many of my new dafs have not poked out yet, hope they didn't rot on me.

  8. The little pansies/violas are only one to the plant because they are baby seedlings, newly come up and starting to bloom. Today there were several more plants with a blossom and one had 2 blooms!
    --Nell Jean

  9. Oh, I so needed these cheery blooms, as we're getting yet. more. snow. Unbelievable, this winter has been. Daffodils, however, can lift the heaviest of hearts.

  10. So you do have those obnoxious weeds, henbit and chickweed. I think my henbit has actually killed out the chickweed.

    I need a new attitude toward henbit....I will regard it as groundcover. It will make life so much easier.

    I could never get California poppies to grow here or corydalis.
    That little viola is beautiful.

  11. Good morning Sweetie! I awarded you "The Stylish Bloggers Award" over at my blog - do come by for a visit! Have a great day!!

  12. What happy little volunteer pansies...don't you just love them?

  13. Ah weeds, we all have them. The key is to not overlook the lovely flowers and focus on the weeds that need pulled.


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