Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On the Whole I'd Rather Have a Philadelphus

Dogwood, Cornus florida  and English Dogwood Philadelphus inodorata,
also commonly called Mock Orange.

Now that Dogwoods are almost done with bloom and Philadelphus are coming into full bloom,
I'm thinking to plant more Mock Orange.
Maybe a double Phildelphus with that sweet fragrance that these do not have.

This dogwood planted itself smack up against the Mock Orange.
I like them blooming together so well I let it stay.
Phildelphus has a longer period of bloom so we have white blossoms well into spring.

Phildelphus has a graceful, arching habit.

Phildelphus has actual petals and yellow stamens.

Dogwood has more horizontal, stiff branches.

Dogwood has white bracts with tiny flowers in the center.

Leaves of the two have a similar shape and vein pattern.

Both are great plants. I'm happy to have both. I need more Mock Orange, or
English Dogwood as Mama called it. Hers was double and very fragrant.


  1. It is so strange to see that dogwood is done and Mock Orange is blooming. We have a long wait for dogwood and even longer for the Philadelphus.

  2. I have just one Philadelphus....no fragrance! I want to plant a few out next to the road for screening.
    We removed two trees and it leaves me feeling a little bare out front.

    I also love the old spirea vanhouttei and want a few of those.

    Will you just do cuttings?

  3. I love plants that are fragrant. Those clean white blooms of the Mock Orange are a wonderful complement to the dogwoods. I agree, a double would be nice.

  4. Oh, how lovely. I vote for you to plant a double. I am a great enabler. LOL!

  5. Can you believe I have forgotten that I have an English Dogwood? It's off to the side in the back, I will be checking on it now.

  6. How gorgeous! I love the pretty yellow centers on those flowers - does that say spring or what?


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