Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Second Spring

Starting in mid-February we have Early Spring complete with Daffodils. That lasts about a month. Toward the end of this season, fruit trees and Redbuds bloom along with Camellias and deciduous Magnolias .

Magnolia and Redbud against a backdrop of
Loropetalum Shrubs.

The Second Spring arrives with the onset of Azaleas and Dogwoods. It lasts from mid-March until early May. I went out looking for signs of Second Spring.

Dogwood blooms half open in near view.
Magnolia stellata in full bloom far view.

Snowball Viburnum growing into tree form.

Native Baptisia with just emerging sprouts.

Lilies! I can hardly wait. They bloom closer to May or June.

Lantana is putting out new sprouts.
Blooms were noted only in a very protected spot.
Lavender L. montevidensis blooms in cooler
times, Yellow Lantana likes hot, hot sun.

Pink Pearl azaleas just breaking bud are a fav.
Azaleas will soon turn all of South Georgia into a Fairyland
under a canopy of Dogwoods. Some seedling dogwoods here
are making their debut with buds for the first time .

Late blooming daffodil wihout a name.

Hawera, a late blooming fav. I love the fragrant bells and
recurved petals of triandrus daffodils.

Incredibly fragrant Tea Olive, Osmanthus fortunei,
has a long bloom season through out cool months.
Soon it will be joined by Sweet Shrub, Calycanthus floridus.

We're expecting so many Spring seedling visitors: Poppies,
Larkspur, Rose Campion, Petunias, Dianthus. Oh, the Joy!


  1. Maglolias seem to have the loudest voice in announcing the arrival if Spring!

  2. I feel so rejuvenated after reading your post about the second spring. Plants and flowers are popping up and I just wanna run and roll on the green green fields and look up at the magnolias and redbuds blooms on the trees and bask in their fragrance. I won't even mind if a strong wind causes them to rain down on my face.

  3. This is the first time i heard of second spring, but of course i know spring is synonymous with sprouts and flowers. We only have wet and dry season, that's why! And that first photo looks magical as if i am in fairyland. The background small lavender flowers provided that magic.

  4. You are several weeks ahead of us with your second spring. Forsythia and daffodils are at peak here now, but I can't wait to see signs of Dogwood blooms!

  5. You do get the best of Spring. Gorgeous flowing plants and beautiful weather. Spring sometimes skips us and jumps right into the heat like summer. The bulbs barely have a chance.

  6. Beautiful! Our azaleas are getting ready to make an appearance too.

  7. Nell, how wonderful to have a second spring. I really love that top picture of yours. What a lovely bit of paradise you have there. Thanks for sharing it here with all of us.


  8. I love magnolias. Can just imagine a little flower fairy in each one soaking up the sunshine!

  9. You have the most glorious Spring!

    What a nice way of thinking about it, a first and a second spring.

    I can't get over how beautiful that first picture combination is....just perfect.

  10. Wow, that deciduous Magnolias looks just gorgeous with blue sky at the background! Those lilies look so healthy, and I can see why you can not wait! Happy Spring!

  11. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment:) Your photos are gorgeous!


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