Monday, March 14, 2011

Waiting for Spring

This is the color I think of as Spring Green.
Boxwoods get blousy and need frequent
clipping as they put on new growth.

Pots and rooted cuttings are coming outside every day to
harden off. I think most are ready to go in the ground.

Winter was not kind to my Cycad (Sago palm).

Daffodils were early this year according to last year's pics.
This is one of the last of Pink Charm, Hillstar is just starting.

Julia Child has a bud, as do many other of the
roses. On the other hand, Rose de Rescht is
slow to even put out leaves.

The old dogwood is ready to burst into a cloud of
white blossoms. Pecans on the right know that it
is not spring, yet. They stand mute and bare.

Dogwood blooms up close so you can see how close they are to opening fully.
Azaleas are poised for the show, too.


  1. It is looking like Spring no matter what the Pecans you use your pecans trees as a sign of no more frost?

  2. You are so right about the daffodils. They are earlier this year than last even with all the snow and cold. It's beginning to warm up though. That pink shrub you have flowering is awesome! You look to be a few weeks ahead of us and it is a lovely look.

  3. Well, at least some things are beginning to bloom. Spring is a beautiful time of year and it is my favorite [next to fall]. I can't wait for the lilies!

  4. Well, I have no blooms on my Julia Child, and I think she was first rose to bloom last year. Your dogwood is gorgeous! I have killed several, so I don't try them anymore. But I still love to see them.

  5. Spring in rotation, it looks like many places have different onset of spring. So in some blogs they already have the flowers, in some like yours, most are still dormant. So from our parts of the world which do not have 4 seasons, we love to see them change also in all the temperate country blogs like yours! We are informed and delighted in the process. So have you visited my orchid posts yet?

  6. One of my friends used to point to trees turning that bright spring green and say with so much enthusiasm that his feet practically left the ground, "That's the color of HOPE!"

  7. Spring green is a good name for the boxwood color.

    My Korean boxwoods are budded and I noticed a faint fragrance while weeding nearby. I don't prune mine at all.


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