Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blotanical Awards 2011 - Jump in the Wheelbarrow!

We're not rolling yet. If you don't visit Forums on Blotanical you may miss something. Like Picks and other delights, Forums is undergoing change. It is busy gardening time most places. Some of us don't have time to get to every aspect of our own garden much less gardening sites. By September, we'll be winding down or in the southern hemisphere looking for Spring.

Awards created so much activity on Blotanical just as I joined in 2009. I might not have stayed had I not gotten caught up in the excitement. I asked about this year. No, I wasn't a winner. Awards was a vehicle for me to learn about many members.

Here's what Stuart said when asked if there would be Awards this year:

This is a fairly controversial topic and seems to divide the garden community more than anything else that happens. Personally, I love the idea and find it is a ton of fun but am very conscious of those that detest the so-called competition and struggle with who wins - and who doesn't.

If the majority of Blotanists think this is a worthwhile exercise - and can appreciate its fun factor more than getting bogged down by the perceptions of it - then I'm happy to look at running them again.

Over to you. What are your thoughts?
If you are new to Blotanical since 2009 and don't know what we're talking about, type 'Blotanical Awards' into the Search feature on Blotanical. There is a tab for Awards, too.
In case you haven't time to comment, I made a little poll for the sidebar. Please take part. 

Please leave comments if you have strong feelings about Awards.


  1. Nell Jean I will be rooting for Blotanical Awards later in the week. There are still blogs proudly carrying their awards from 2009. I took mine down recently. But Best in Africa was fun while it lasted. Now there are a lot more South African blogs there will be someone to compete against. If there is a FUN contest ...

  2. I don't usually visit the forums. Didn't realize I was missing anything. I can understand both perceptions about the awards. I'm not a competitive person, and if Stuart thinks it divides the community, I would probably vote not to have them. It will be interesting to see the poll results.

  3. I wasn't around for the Blotanical Awards of 2009, but it does sound like it created a real buzz in the blogging community. I can't see the harm in promoting terrific gardening blogs and sparking interest in becoming a better blogger.

  4. It's pure fun! And we have lots of opportunities to learn from other garden bloggers!! I say, go for it!

  5. I agree with Holley - I don't feel the need for Awards - there are enough numbers already in our gardening community. Thanks for the reminder NJ, to visit the forums - oh dear, another time trap...

  6. Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog. Regarding the blotanical awards, I have yet to have heard of them. Sounds like it might be fun.

  7. I am sure there will be many opinions on this topic!
    Having been a recipient of the Blotanical award, I remember how much it buoyed my spirits and kept me blogging. On the other hand, if I hadn't gotten it, I would not have been devastated either.
    I am just thankful that people took the time to read my blog back then, when I didn't know a gadget from a tab. :) There are so many blogs and so little time!


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