Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hydrangea quercifolia Is a Native Treat

This is the Oakleaf Hydrangea that I gave the garden name of 'Sugar'
for the husband of the dear lady who gave me a sucker from her plant.

Transplanted suckers from under my original plant fill the Upper Garden.

Two Oakleafs in the south border of the Oval Lawn.
Out of sight between them is a line of regular mophead hydrangeas
not quite yet ready to bloom with daylilies and true lilies.

This Oakleaf, a sucker from the garden of 'Miss Cassie' has a different habit to the ones above.
It has smaller leaves and spreads wider than it is tall.
On the right is a white Crape Myrtle to carry on white blooms through the summer.
Its crape twin is on the opposite side of the front lawn.
Crape Myrtle is not Native, but have been in the south since before 1800.


  1. I love hydrangeas, though I don't have an oakleaf. I wish I did - I see them, and they are gorgeous. Need to put it on my short list. 'Sugar' sure was nice to give you a sucker!

  2. NellJean: We love Hydrangeas, Deer love them too. Not much deer damage this winter and so far this spring. Have some Deer Fence Posts and they seem to be keeping them away.

    Will be expanding Hydrangea population this year to some new areas. Also some different ones. Hopefully we will get to enjoy our own this year. Thanks for sharing enjoyed seeing yours.

    Have a Wonderful Day,

  3. I finally got an Oak Leaf hydrangea and the men who did the tree work stepped on it and I found what looked like a dead stick with just a few roots on it. I stuck it in the ground at the base of the bird bath and it has leafed out! I am very happy about that.

    You need an Annabelle to go in that hydrangea border. It isn't quite as fussy as some of the mopheads.

    I have layered a couple of branches and they are big enough to move now! I just love it.

    Do you have to keep the mopheads watered regularly?

  4. I forgot to say how beautiful and lush everything is looking!

  5. I'm always attracted to a white bloom and 'sugar' is gorgeous.

    It looks like summer by you. That's just not right, since we only have a few spring bulbs blooming and certainly no leaves on the trees. Grass is very green though and begging to be mowed.

    I love the wide shots of your yard. Looks so inviting.


  6. Your garden is looking quite lovely. I grow an oakleaf but it has been a struggle. No not deer like another reader but rabbits. Last year it was caged with chicken wire - stunning of course. I have high hopes this year for a flower. Annabelle is a no nonsense hydrangea and takes a fair amount of shade. It is a good choice as suggested by another reader.

  7. Love to see hydrangeas, but our garden is too hot and dry for them. My MIL in Switzerland had a 'snowball' she was very fond of. That grew very tall.

    Can you see changes on Blotanical? I can't see changes ... waiting ... waiting ... waiting some more.

  8. I really love this hydrangea, but my yard is too tiny. I have six hydrangea, but none that get large. Your garden looks pretty big and is the fenced area for the rabbits?

  9. Thank you all for the lovely comments. Glenda, I hope your Oakleaf survives being broken. They usually will come back. I water the mopheads when they faint if they aren't standing the next morning.

    Deer are not a problem in my garden. Deer have ample native food and growing crops in woods and fields around us. The dog discourages them.

    The fence is just cattle fencing from when we had cows here. The dog and cat discourage rabbits.

    Annabell sounds perfect. I'll watch for one (or 3) at the garden center.

    I think Tara Dillard prunes up her oakleaf like a small tree in her Atlanta garden.

  10. I would like to have a native hydrangea. It looks lovely;-) The 2 plants that I have are ornamentals. But they are nice, too. The problem I'm having with them is that they are now 2 yrs old and I've only been able to get 1 or 2 tiny blooms on them. I have moved them around so many times, and trimmed them at the wrong time of the season, that they just haven't stood a chance! They are still alive though, and this yr. I put them in large pots so I am hopeful that they will bloom just a bit this yr, and next yr. I;ll be more careful and not trim them back at the wrong time. I would like to add an oakleaf hydrangea someplace in my backyard, but 'where' is the question. They spread so wide...and I'm sadly running out of space!! It looks great in your yard, though...and how nice to have a piece from a friends garden;-)

  11. I love the how free flowing your garden is. Everything is relaxed and invites one to sit down in the shade with a cold glass of lemonade. The hydrangeas are simple and elegant. Thanks for the tour.

  12. I love your hydrangeas! I have a brestenburg and endless summer and they're very cheerful additions to my tiny front lawn.


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