Monday, April 4, 2011

The Oval Lawn

Oval Lawn in the Upper Garden

Each side of the east entrance has a dogwood underplanted with Spiraea bumalda.
Long paths run toward the west end.
Lorpetalum trees that had bright magenta blooms two weeks ago now have purple foliage.

Gerber Daisy blooming along one of the Stroll Garden paths.
This long-lived Gerbera has been here since 1973.

Dogwood and Spiraea bumalda in the near view. Oakleaf Hydrangeas across the lawn and path.

Echinacea, Hydrangea and daylilies hold promise of blossoms.

Oakleaf Hydrangea in bud.

More foliage of lilies, daylilies and hydrangea on the south side.
The north side has different plantings including roses and pentas.

An oval lawn started when I extended some beds and decided to make a curve.
Eventually I could 'see' the oval lawn, so I curved the other side to make it symmetrical.
Beyond the oval lawn are grass paths that form a stroll garden.
I garden in loamy sand. We have no mud. 

Almost forgot the view in the other direction:
Tara Dillard's blog  taught me to turn around and look. 

Standing in the center of the Oval.

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  1. Nell, it always looks serene and lovely at your place.

    I am still hoping my broken Oakleaf Hydrangea is going to make it. I see green tips coming along the stem.

  2. You have a beautiful lawn surrounded by beautiful plants and trees!

  3. Your gardens looks a real haven of peace and tranquility. Good idea to turn around. It's why a walk can actually be just as good when its not a circular walk because you see everything from another view point. Christina

  4. Love oval lawns! Yours looks so peaceful, shady, and inviting. Looks like a wonderful place to sit, drink tea, and watch the grass grow.

  5. Love how lush and green everything is already-not so far along here in Missouri.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog-appreciated.

  6. Since blogging, I have learned to look back, look up, look down and just look all around! What fun to see it from another angel...

  7. Stop by my blog. You are the recipient of the “Stylish Bloggers Award”. This high honor comes with much responsibility and a nifty emblem. jim

  8. The lawn looks so inviting. Thanks for dropping by at my blog.


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