Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pomegranate: Madame Legrelle ornamental

Punica granatum 'Madame Legrelle'
Some years back I dug and divided Madame Legrelle from under a live oak
that came up years after the original flowering pomegranate was planted.

These flowers were illustrated in a drawing
from an 1858 hort journal I saw online at
antiquariaat Jan Meemelink antiquarian
botanical and horticultural books.


Pomegranate bud before bloom. This pomegranate forms no fruits.

Curiously, not all start to flower at the same time. The one on the right has buds
forming but no flowers. The bits at orange beyond it are roses. 

A mediterranean plant requiring no irrigation or fertilizer once established.

These shrubs bloom in the upper garden with orange roses and orange gerberas after the big flush of loropetalum and azaleas are over and overlap late spring shrubs like oakleaf hydrangea and 
spiraea bumalda just coming into bloom.


  1. Wow! What beautiful blooms! We have pomegranate trees - they don't do that!

  2. My neighbor has this bush and it's absolutely beautiful. I'm surprised you don't see it in the garden centers.

  3. Wow this is really something. No room for it here or I'd be looking for my own tree.

  4. Your Madame is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  5. They are gorgeous blooms. I haven't seen them before. I do love pomegranates as well though. So cheerful!

  6. Do fruit-bearing pomegranates look like this too? I've never seen either. Yours is beautiful! Love that orange color.

  7. They have beautiful blooms, I have always loved them. Thanks for showing.

  8. This is exciting to see! I didn't know the blooms looked like that.


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