Friday, April 8, 2011

Tales from the Roses

Cecile Brunner: So there we were after the storm, lying on the ground unable to crawl back to the stick house that is our support. The gardener came along and propped us up again and brought some nice twine to secure us better with little loops and a square knot. Her first aid training from long ago came in handy. We're trying to reward her kindness with sweet buds.

The Orange Rose: My children have done well. They have their own bed with a few charming companions, more to come. I tell them, You're Living on Easy Street. Heh, heh.

Grandma's Yellow Rose: It was a long ride from Texas getting here. Now I'm in the company of such celebrities as Julia Child and Sunny Delight. Oh. Sunny Somebody Else? Whoever. She's kind of pale next to me and Julia. That Julia! You know she smells like butter? I know about being called by different names. I was Nacogdoches until I was 'rediscovered' and then I was the Chicken Rose during a period of amnesia when I didn't know who I was and living in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant.

Knockout Sisters, Red KO and Pink KO: We're blooming our heads off, and pretending all that heady fragrance comes from us. It really comes from our neighbor, Reine des Violettes. Regardless, it smells might fine around here.


  1. Beautiful roses! Our double knock-out bush is blooming its "head off" too! :)

  2. Envy all your roses! Love the Julia's Child1 Lots of popular roses don't do well in my area (south florida), but I did learn there are quite some are suitable for my area (Julia's Child might be one of them), now I just need to find them!

  3. Nell, This is hilarious. I particularly enjoyed the reflections of Grandma's Yellow Rose. :-) -Jean

  4. Your roses are so beautiful! I especially enjoy the yellows...gorgeous...and entertaining!

  5. I had NO idea California poppies would grow in a humid climate!!! I'm from CA and really miss seeing them. Did you start yours from seed? Are they perennial? I'm in northern VA outside DC.

  6. Dear Nell Jean, I love this post. Your garden is more beautiful than ever, and how I envy your roses. I enjoyed hearing their stories. P x

  7. What a clever post and lovely photos to go along with it. Looks like summer at your place. Our snow is ALMOST gone.



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