Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When a Hundred Year Old Tree Falls

We were so fortunate in the recent storms that damage from high winds destroyed only greenhouse panels that were easily replaced and blew down one of the 3 big pecan trees behind the house.

We're finally seeing the end of the pecan tree. Chain-saw woes set us back for a while. Hot weather slows us down. Old people don't spend long periods out in the sun. A little work, a rest and iced tea, a little more work, more tea.

I'm not much help but somebody has to stand by
when an old fellow is using a chain saw.
at the point where you would put your arms around a tree,
this one measured 115 inches around.

The two remaining pecan trees seem to be in fair shape for their age,
kind of like He-Who-Mows and myself.
The green mound at left is the big fig tree.
The green in the distance is corn planted by Farmer Danny.


The center of the main trunk was hollow but the pieces are still very heavy.

I have more videos. How much sawing and hauling did you want to see?
All that remains is the big trunk which has to be sawed in  half before the
tractor can pick it up. Rain ran us in. We had 0.2 inch of most welcome rain.


  1. What a shame about your pecan tree. I have never saw one and did not realize they got so big. These storms have been awful so far this year. Hope you get the greenhouse back in shape.

  2. Hate to see an old tree tumble... but I enjoyed your post Nell Jean. Wonder what made that tree trunk hollow?

  3. It has seen many things over hundred years... plants, animals and humans. Wonder which one the old tree like most..

  4. Nell, we have had some tree issues this spring too!

    I am the chain saw man here these days. DH isn't supposed to do that kind of work....I don't mind. But if it is something requiring a large saw, we have someone come in to do it.

    Our front maple was hollow too.

    Glad the tree didn't hit the outbuildings behind in the picture!

    It seems we do all our work in spurts these days no matter the weather!

  5. Even as it was being torn down it was a beautiful tree. It's nice to know you still have two healthy ones you can enjoy.

  6. Sad to see such a majestic and old specimen die. I know you will miss it. Looks like a lot of work! Be careful. I hope you don't get many more wind storms like that.

  7. Such a massive tree I am glad that it missed everyone. I am always amazed to see the raw power that nature can unleash.

  8. Trees do not live forever do they. You will have figs. That is some fig tree.

  9. I'm so sorry about your tree. My husband bought 2 pecan trees that are supposed to be hardy for our zone 5. But they can't seem to grow with the deer and certain people mowing them down. Ha!

  10. Oh no that is so sad! Glad you're ok though. What magnificent trees those pecans are...

  11. I'm not much help when it comes to hauling logs either but always make sure I'm around to supervise. Trees are awful heavy and you never know what might happen with a chainsaw (or simply a husband with a bad back).


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