Friday, April 1, 2011

Whites for a Wedding Cake Garden

I've never planted an all-white garden but it might be interesting to undertake one,
starting with narcissus in late winter and other daffodils, camellias, azaleas and dogwoods joined by Mock Orange and spiraea with ruffles of alyssum along the edges.
Maybe I'd force some Maureen tulips.

White daffodil Thalia among the last to bloom.


Ice Wings and Sailboat


Some uther whites blooming now in my garden include:
Tea Olive

Come late spring to early summer, there are so many pretty blossoms in white that could be gathered together.
Oakleaf Hydrangea has fat buds soon to open.
White Pandora daylilies w/purple throat are starting to form scapes.
Other Summer blooming whites are budding or thinking about it.

2010 pictures of Early Summer Garden Whites
Nicotiana, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Crinum, Snapdragon
2nd row: Paw paw, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Licorice Plant, Gardenia
3rd row: White Caladium, Magnolia, Pentas, Sombrueil Rose

I'm thinking the midsummer Fiesta Garden could have Mock Orange mixed in to bloom while we wait for summer blossoms.  When I thought of the Fiesta Garden, I thought of the dark red lilies that show promise there now. White lilies would be a fragrant addition to a White Garden.

Right now I have white pentas in the Yellow Rose bed. Cuttings can be rooted from them.

Oh, the plans! I'm still picking up debris from the storms earlier this week. As I work more white blooms come to mind: Hostas with a white edge and white blooms, white Daturas, Madagascar periwinkles in white. The list is endless.

What's in your White Garden, real or imagined?


  1. My white garden in real. Many beautiful whites in your garden. You have many not in mine, but I do have Thalia, just not yet.

  2. White gardens are gorgeous and just glow in the moonlight.

  3. I like the idea of a monochromatic garden area. I do have a lot of whites in my garden. One of the fun ones is the Gaura, the white blooms look like little butterflies dancing in the breeze. Also have white creeping phlox which is a bold statement in the front garden.
    Your white Camellia is very pretty, I have one--Mine-No-Yuki which is white. Fun idea.

  4. I actually have been working on a white and silver garden around our patio where we eat at night. Additional plants: Pulmonaria 'Diana Clare', Brunnera 'Jack Frost' and 'Dawson's White', Dicentra s. 'Alba', Lamium 'Purple Dragon', white astilbe, white hardy geranium, etc. Mine is a shade moon garden.

  5. Dear Nell Jean, I love 'moon' gardens, but I don't have an all-white bed. I find splashes of white, dotted around, very restful to the eyes. I have tiarella and sweet woodruff in my shade garden. Love your collage. P. x

  6. My imagined white garden would definitely have oakleaf hydrangeas.

  7. Nell Jean I have ivy with white centers on a topairy ball - hosta with cream centers - guara is white and seems to love the heat - white peony are settling in - i just added a white camellia, the man size that tom recommended. My wish list certainly includes oakleaf hydrangea but space is limited.


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