Friday, May 6, 2011

Dazzled by Really Old Daylilies

This is the common 'ditch lily' that some gardeners shun. They've been here for
about 70 years, contained by mowing. I was stunned By their height when
I noticed them blooming at the back corner of the house.

The tallest point measured 54 inches.

Another of my old goodies. I know it has been here for more than 50 years.

Brocaded Gown
Millikan 1979. 26" Height, Early Mid Season, 6" Bloom, Semi evergreen
Stout Silver Medal 1989
In my garden for more than 10 years. I spread them around like marmalade
to bloom after daffodils have gone, with yellow roses and white lilies.
Today's obligatory dark Swallowtail-on-Lantana.
Pawpaws are blooming. I hope to see Zebras soon.


  1. There's just something endearing to me about oldies... besides the fact that they are enduring, it brings peace and balance to an ever changing world. I think we need that.

  2. I love any daylily. You know I love old heirloom plants. They are all beautiful to me :-)

  3. One of my daughter's college roommates sent me some daylilies from her 'new' house. Am assuming they are the regular old ditch lilies. Tried and true! Mine are starting to bud, hope to have some blooms soon!

  4. I love ditch daylilies! Thanks for giving them some credit. Great photo of the dark swallowtail! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have only one type of daylily, and it's not blooming yet. I have wanted a bed of ditch daylilies for years. I'm putting a new bed in this year and hopefully there will be a place for them there.

  6. I have that red one and it was handed down from my husband's grandmother. I don't know a name for it, but it blooms rather rapidly, then is gone.

  7. Hi Nell Jean,
    Now that spring is in full swing here, I am enjoying even more seeing the season unfold in warmer and cooler places. Your daylilies are lovely, even the "ditch " ones. I won't see any of those for awhile. I do have 4 kinds of lantana planted, but they are small.

    Thsnks for your comment on my post wondering about a retaining wall. I had planned on putthing annuals in, but too your advice and planted 2 daylilies. They are not right at the bottom, but are toward it, though. I planted creeping phlox on the bottom, along with sweet woodruff and an annual that will cover some of the ground and have lots of purple blooms.

  8. Daylilies just say old charm to me, love them.

  9. You are very lucky to get that height. Mine never get beyond 36 inches or so. I also have the double ditch lily.

    The old ones appeal to me much more than some of the fancier news ones.

  10. Older varieties are often the best. Yours look beautiful, thanks for these lovely pictures.


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