Saturday, May 28, 2011

Opposites Attract: Purple and Its Complement

On Friday I blogged about yellow in the garden. Directly opposite yellow on the color wheel is violet. Using a 12-color wheel, the adjacent colors to yellow are yellow-green and yellow-orange. These are the colors in the island beds: chartreuse, yellow, orange, and purple.

Lantana montevidensis, California poppies and the last Corn poppy.

A Variegated Fritillary nectars on Lantana montevidensis.
Butterflies fit themselves right into my color choices.

Salmon Sheen daylilies, orange with a yellow throat fit perfectly in the color range.
What about the Echinacea, you ask? The gold/orange cones fit, the purple is just not quite.
There's Tithonia coming along at lower right and elsewhere to add that strong
orange that attracts butterflies.

Purple heart Setcreasea purpura makes a dark contrast to Black eyed Susans.
Chartreuse alternanthera will catch up as the summer progresses.

To the rear are 3 Purple Daturas. Seedling Daturas planted elsewhere already have buds.

In the distant yellow bed above, Black eyed Susans mix with Shasta daisies for a cooler look.

This daylily is Elysian Field or maybe it is Pineapple Crush.
When I start moving them around, I tend to forget which is which.
If I should decide to hybridize or sell daylilies, I would have to buy new.
I like to know their names but I don't obsess over the name, in the garden.

One more long view. The tall yellow LA lily is Dazzle. 

A last long view, this time through branches of Vitex, careful to avoid bees.

In the Upper Garden, fragrant yellow daylilies.

Plan: move these daylilies to the front beds in the fall.

It's the time of year to go outside as little as possible because of the heat.
I don a gnat scarf to protect my ears and a sun hat. There is still watering,
weeding, deadheading, admiring and enjoying to be done out there.
I make sure to pass by gardenias and the magnolia to be refreshed in
fragrance before I come in for iced tea.

What is your opinion on purple and yellow combos?

Do you take your iced tea sweet or unsweetened?


  1. Sweet, please. :) I love purple and yellow together. Your long view is beautiful. Last week, I saw a purple vitex underplanted with yellow lantana and yellow daylilies. It was stunning. I wanted to take pictures, but didn't have my camera.

  2. Beautiful color combinations, Nell. Your garden looks like high summer! In Maine, I'm just starting to see buds on early summer flowers like amsonia, baptisia, and irises. In another 6 weeks or so, I'll have that old-fashioned fragrant yellow daylily blooming in my garden, too. (It's a favorite.) -Jean

  3. Nice color combinations. I have a yellow purple spring bed. You sure have a lot of daylilies. The only ones I'm ever capable of growing are the good old ditch daylilies. I sure like yours. Up here in South Dakota we take unsweetened sun tea. Now if we just had some sun:) Thanks for the tour.

  4. I think purple and yellow work very well together, not just in the garden. But your photos show just how well it works!

  5. Oh, how i love finding new gardeners that share the passion of Gardening! I host a garden party on Thursday's called Cottage Flora Thursday's...would love to have you come by & peek around & would love it even better if you'd link a garden post sometime? oxox,tracie

  6. Always *sweet* tea but not too like some southerners. And yes, I like your yellow and purple combinations. So many nice daylilies! Have always admired the vitex... you have the perfect space for it.

  7. Love purple and yellow. I've been trying purple and blue lately too (plumbago) and have been surprised at how much I like it. Lovely pics!

  8. I like purple and yellow, but I love purple and orange, a combination that happened accidentally in my garden one year. I would not have intentionally planted those colors together, but now I do! Your garden looks terrific!

    Sweet tea, definitely!

  9. Gnat scarf? Ears?

    That sounds bizarre. Grateful there's a computer screen to keep the gnats off my ears ;~)


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