Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Like it Hot

Yesterday southwest Georgia had record-breaking high temperatures for late May. Daylilies in full sun tend to melt, especially the dark shades. Byzantine Emperor held up beautifully in high dappled shade.

This Byzantine Emperor in a sunny bed beside the driveway was melting
along the petal edges and the color was fading by mid-afternoon.

Fleshier petals of Algarve LA lily (or is it Elodie?) held up well in all-day sun.
Flowers will not last as long in high temperatures, even with deep watering.
I try to water everything once a week, new transplants more often. 

Roses want lots of water. Belinda's Dream was trialed at TAMU with no extra water for the Earthkind label. It does better with ample water, like any other rose. Edges of the petals get crispy in the heat

Vitex is blooming, here across from a white Crape Myrtle that takes
heat well. Beneficials and butterflies are flocking to the purple blooms.

Looks as if it will be a long, hot summer here.


  1. the weather is a little strange as of late...read 102 in my car yesterday.....stay cool!

  2. Your blooms seem to thrive in that heat, NellJean. We're drowning in rain here, feeling more like the Pacific Northwest than the dry high desert climate of Utah.

  3. Your garden is beautiful despite the heat. Here it is still in the 60s and we are wondering if it will be too cold to swim...

  4. Nell... I'm happy to see that your lovely Belinda's Dream is doing well in the heat. I have it on my list as a future rose for my garden when I move south.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow - beautiful Nell Jean! It looks like high summer already there. Your daylilies and roses are wonderful - such beautiful colors. Hope you're staying cool!

  6. This sure does seem to be the year of weather extremes everywhere.
    Nell your lilies are gorgeous. I love them with your echinacea.It makes for a lovely bed of flowers.

  7. Your garden is holding up well and is a week or so ahead of blooms up here.

    Once again -- hot, hot, hot up here, too. Just when things were looking great!

  8. What brutal heat for so early!! Your daylilly looks like one I have, too. I love your vitex. I wish I had room for one!!

  9. Byzantine Emperor is a great name for that flower; it has quite a presence! Beautiful colors. Hope you get a slight break from the heat soon, just to give you and the blooms a little break.

  10. It is going to be a HOT HOT summer. Lucky for you though, you can sit on your porch and admire all of your beautiful flowers. I have been admiring all the vitex trees that are in bloom.

    Stay cool!!!

  11. Beautiful color combinations! Enjoyed the walk through your garden.

  12. The weather has been strange this year. Some places way too hot and dry and others (me) too cool and too wet. Then there are the horrible tornadoes....

    Once again, we have some of the same plants. My vitex is leafed out but no blooms as yet. It is Shoal Creek and I was just thrilled it would grow in my zone 6 garden.

    My Belinda's dream is blooming now and looking very good.

    Of course the weather is contributing to black spot and if you spray, it is promptly washed off by another rain!

  13. Your vitex is great! (in addition to those lilies and roses) Love the blooms on the Vitex, and so do the bees and butterflies.
    It is going to be a hot one. No work gets done here between about 11 am and 3 pm. too hot!

  14. Wow!! Your blooms are beautiful!! In Ks our daylilies won't bloom for at least another month. I love 'em, and it was fun to view yours!! We have been really dry here as well, and at least have some cool, sprinkly weather today!

  15. The heat is so hard on many plants, that Vitex seems to love it though. I have a pink flowering one that hasn't even set bud yet.

  16. I love these pictures. Maybe because we're in the same zone, your garden is much like Barbara's and we have similar blooming plants. I like the Vitex...I wonder if it has a place in this smallish garden.

  17. Enjoyed your Bob Dylan lullaby. Sweeeet.


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