Monday, May 2, 2011

Veggies in our Neighbor's Garden

Our Neighbor Marvin invited me to dig potatoes. He has a bad back and can't bend and stoop very well. Despite a bad back, he has grown incredibly good food and has more coming on.

Lions on plinths at the end of the driveway welcome visitors.

He planted red onions and white.

This squash was a volunteer that he decided to leave. I brought home a bag of squash.

Potatoes, onions, cabbage. At right is the end of the potatoes where I dug.
The soil was soft and loose and looked like chocolate cake.

Purple cabbage. Green cabbage farther down the row.

More squash with okra to its left just coming up.

Tomatoes started early in containers.

More tomatoes. I think he said he planted
more than 30 plants altogether.

I came home with red potatoes, squash, onions, 2 rutabagas and a cabbage.
Imagine how we feasted!

Inspired by his garden, I made a spot for okra in my garden:

Two 30' rows is about right for enough
okra for two people who really like it.


  1. Oh, I am so jealous. I want a big vegetable garden or a neighbor who has one. This morning I am going out to buy the six pack of vegetables. I can only plant the cold crop veggies now, but I can not wait. My veggies get planted in along with the perennials, since no real space exists for them. The rest are in pots.I really like the garden you showed with rows and rows of produce.

  2. What a beautiful big garden that is and everything looks so healthy. Although I wonder if you weren't invited simply so some squash could be got rid of. Have to be careful of those squash growers, they have a lot of tricks in getting rid of extras!

  3. Wow, that's quite a garden! I can't imagine doing that much with a bad back... You are lucky to have so much land to cultivate.

  4. Wow, wow, wow! My veggie garden is small and mainly in containers, and what I wouldn't give to be able to grow potatoes(or have a neighbor who does). Your feast sounds delicious. Good luck with the okra!

  5. I think he's pulling your leg. No way someone with a bad back could have that beautiful vegetable bed with not a weed in sight! Wish our vegetable beds looked as beautiful as his! Good luck on the okra - it will make, and make, and make, and make!

  6. Your neighbor has a great looking garden. His soil doesn't even look all that rich...perhaps it's the sunlight that's making it look somewhat light. Good luck with your new okra patch.

  7. NeilJean,

    The okra will have a happy home and it looks like just a big enough spot to have to share some with the neighbors. And we have not planted squash yet.

  8. Egads! That is a huge garden! Everything looked great! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Nell, tell him from another veggie gardener that I am impressed. It is a beautiful garden with no weeds! I want to know what he does to keep the cabbages so pest free. Here the cabbage butterflies flock to them like a magnet is drawing them. They are soon riddled with holes from the resulting cabbage worms.

    Lookout, once you catch the vegetable gardening bug, you are hooked. You will be buried beneath okra soon. I just plant about 10 feet of Annie Oakley.
    I always freeze a few bags too.

  10. He has an impressive garden. You scored with some fresh veggies! I hate okra...

  11. Marvin sure knows how to grow cabbage, and the soil looks like the sand from our beach. The nutrients must be there though, rutabagas? what the heck.

  12. That garden is to die for! Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a beautiful garden! I always am impressed by a weed free vegetable garden. The onions, especially, need to be weed free. Onions HATE weeds!
    I love okra, fried. Bobby will eat it boiled too, so he can have my share of boiled okra. We seldom grow a potato here. They take too much room.

  14. I think you will have just about the right amount of okra for the two of you. That is about what we have in our garden.

  15. That cabbage looks SO amazing...wish my garden looked that good!


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