Monday, May 16, 2011

What I Wish I'd Shown On Bloom Day

Panicked when Blogger was out toward the end of the week, I reopened my Wordpress account to prepare for Bloom Day. Early Saturday, I decided to wait until Sunday morning to take pics because the garden changes so rapidly. Big change! Saturday afternoon we had hail that tattered some of the blossoms and some leaves.

Laura Bush Petunias with their little hail-tattered blossoms.

Sunday morning pictures were difficult and time grew short yet I had about a hundred pictures. After the fuzzier ones were discarded, I still had 3 dozen. I narrowed them to 12 by making a collage of the daylilies and one of Laura Bush petunias. Am I wrong to think that by the time you see 10 or so, your eyes glaze over when you need to hurry to the next Bloom Day site? In the afternoon, I went back outside to get better pics of the daylilies that were not open well so early in the morning and a couple of things I forgot about, like the begonia pot at the top of the woodland steps.

Wax-leaf begonias in an old pot. These are in shade at the top of stone steps
that lead to a narrow path through the azaleas.

Black Eyed Susan, one of the first.

Vitex is just beginning to attract bees.

Pink Knockout in its second cycle of bloom. Red KO is just starting to open behind it for another cycle.

Rose of Sharon or Althea, we say.

Salvia farinacea and Salmon Sheen; California poppies have seed pods ready to pick.
Tithonia is approaching blooming size in the bed where mulhy grass is to the left.
The rose is floribunda Charisma.

Julia Child, Shasta daisy and Eclipse.
My shastas were from seed, years ago.

I never tire of taking pics of butterflies on echinacea.

A better Magnolia pic than this morning's but with tears from hail.

Hail damaged an unopened petal on Silver Veil daylily
but the exquisite color is unchanged.

It was cool and windy and the bees just hung on echinacea.

A picture of the bee's knees and his antennae.

My official Bloom Day post is on Wordpress Here.

Oh. I still left off the nicotiana.


  1. Too bad about the fierce weather you had, but still, tattered or not, some lovely blooms. I love how the bees get sleepy in the cold, giving you a chance to take their pictures!

  2. Pretty blooms in spite of having been pummeled by hail.

    Happy Gardening Nell ~ FlowerLady

  3. You can never post too many blooms for me! I love them all.

    Those were great shots of the bees. Photography has opened my eyes to so many tiny delights....I finally saw all the pollen on the bees knees last year!

    I am longing for Laura Bush petunia. I am afraid my old fashioned vining ones have finally played out this year. I think I will replace them with Laura Bush.

    We missed hail, but did get rains that didn't enhance the blooming peonies and iris...happens each year.

  4. They came through the hail storm pretty well. Many lovey selections today. The last two photos are so fun looking. Those bees are busy. They are never that busy on my echinacea, despite the natural planting of them with other wildflowers.

  5. I love that Silver Veil daylily, what a pretty color combination. I remember once in Texas I had petunias filling the garden ---then we got a hail storm! It looked like a hurricane had come through. Your garden may have taken a bit of a hit, but it still looks lovely.

  6. So many beautiful bloom even though some promplem with nature force. All those beautiful vibrant colour!

  7. I never hurry through Bloom Day posts, but then, I don't read them all either.

    You still have some beautiful flowers, despite the hail. Love the picture of the bees and the butterflies on Echinacea.

  8. Wow - hail! How unusual. Loved that shot of all the butterflies on your echinaceas, which I think are a beautiful color.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. So happy to have found yours! you have some beautiful things in bloom right now. I can't wait for the Echinacea to bloom up here on Long Island. Just love those.

  10. Beautiful blooms, as usual. I love the close-ups of the butterflies and bees on the echinacea. I've been thinking about growig them too (for the winged creatures to come visit) but don't really have room. Hopefully they'll do well in containers.

  11. the blooms on both posts were wonderful but those butterflies on the echinacea are amazing...pulled right up to the drive thru and had a meal...

  12. Silver Veil is an unusual and lovely colour.

  13. The bees knees are my favorite. :) Sorry to hear about all your hail...yuck!

  14. We all wish we had such trouble...too many blooms! I really need to plant some Echinacea. I was given some seed recently, and now I feel bad for not sowing it! Your bees and butterflies look like they love it!

  15. You have so many blooms already! Looking like summer down your way. We're still getting cooler temps and lots of rain, so the spring flowers are still going, but no summer heat lovers in bloom.

  16. I'm hoping for some echinacea blooms this summer. The bees have been great this year. I can't stop photographing them, too.

  17. Wish I was there to see it. Your garden looks lovely.

  18. Hail or no hail, I always enjoy my visit to Georgia. Great plants and pictures to keep you on my mind. Aw yuk.

  19. Got a link to the invasive Eucalyptus for me please? That one wasn't on my circuit.

  20. Beautiful blooms! I am with you on seeing butterflies on purple cone flowers. That makes gardening worth it right there. I also love your picture of the bees. Great photo.

  21. Hi NellJean, your lovely blooms are teeming with lots of visitors. You have a very healthy garden, congratulations. They are all so happy there. Those coneflowers got one butterfly visitor each, a beautiful scene.


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