Friday, May 27, 2011

Yellow -- You May not Be a Banana

You may not be a Banana, but you can be one of the Bunch who use Yellow in the garden.

My fav Orienpet lily, Orania. First blooms opened today
 just as Oakleaf hydrangeas are fading to pink.
Dazzle LA lily and Black eyed Susans. Rudbeckia hirta is just beginning
to bloom. They act as an annual here. I'll pull them when the Madagascar
periwinkles whose seedlings are just coming up, start to bloom.

A little sunshine in the shadows.
LA lily with Loropetalum whose foliage is purple in summer.
Loropetalum will rebloom toward the end of August.

Yellow Daylilies. I can't get enough of them.
Shastas started years ago from a packet of mixed seeds.
Shastas thrive on being divided often.
LA Lily

My MIL called these 'Lemon Lilies' -- they are a fragrant daylily. 
Julia Child roses in the Yellow Bed.

This is not a flattering view of the yellow bed but I wanted you to see it. 
 A row of 11 Yellow daylilies are to the right of dry daffodil foliage.
From every other viewing point the dying foliage is not noticed. 
Emerging daylily foliage is too short to hide daffodils in early spring.

Orientpets and Trumpet lilies are last to bloom in the lily parade.

I noticed today that three of my Purple Daturas have buds.


  1. The daylilies are extremely beautiful. O, I can only dream of them in my garden. The roses are gorgeous too. Yellow is a nice colour.

  2. I'm loving this yellow theme, so perfect for late spring/almost summer. I guess this may be an obvious question, but are the Julia Child roses named after her because she developed that variety, or were they just given her name? They're lovely.

  3. You have some beautiful yellows in your garden.

  4. I really like your Julia Child rose...and all of the lilies are lovely, too. I didn't think I was a 'yellow' person--as far as blooms were concerned--but quickly looking in my garden, I have quite a few yellows (yarrow and sundrops, at the moment)...and lilies are getting ready to get some buds soon (I hope). Yellow helps the other colors pop and it's a great color to have throughout the garden.

  5. Your lilies are so pretty...lush and large. My Asian lilies and day lillies are blooms yet. Reading your post makes me anxious to see them, however. Have a happy holiday weekend!

  6. Those cream yellows glow! Not a banana but very close indeed. Have a great weekend.

  7. Love the yellow daylily against the Loropetalum, nice contrast. Yellow lilies really pop in the landscape.

  8. It's funny, I used to avoid yellow in the garden, but tastes change, and now it's one of my favorite colors! I love the lily in the first photo, and of course the Julia Child roses.

  9. And to think I was never a fond of yellow but in flowers I just love it. Your lilies are just gorgeous Nell.The Orienpet is just beautiful. So is the Julia Child Rose. I need to find room for her but oh dear, I do not know where.Gardeners do find a way though. LOL! I love Shasta daisies to and have divided and stuck them around everywhere. A wonderful posting Nell.

  10. Love all your yellow flowers! I really like Julia Child and the loropetalum with them.

  11. Love the yellow daylilies. .I think I bought a clearance one last fall. .but I LOVE the pale lemon-y-ness of yours! Very nice!

  12. Wow! Your flowers look great. I like lilies also. I love the Julia Childs rose. I looked at one in the greenhouse, but I would only kill her at my zone 3. Thanks for sharing. You gave me some great ideas for plantings.

  13. Beautiful photos of beautiful plants. Yellow is such a happy colour, it looks as though the sun is shining, even on a dull day.

  14. Nice job on the title...
    I'm liking these single colour posts...
    It looks like you are limiting your posts to what's actually in bloom at the time of posting, too...


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