Monday, May 9, 2011

Zebra Swallowtails Up Close and Personal

It was a real butterfly day. Eurytides marcellus, always a rarity in my garden increased 3-fold last year. (that means where I had been seeing one at a time, one day I saw 3 at once.) This year I expect more.

The one above was joined by a second Zebra on Lantana. and --

Fortunately the host plant, Pawpaw is just around the corner.
Yellow Lantana on the left, Pawpaw at right. Behind the Lantana in view is another, broader swath.
Lantana montevidensis in the center is not in bloom.
Yellow Lantana blooms when the weather is hottest. Lavender blooms when it is cooler so there is
continuous Lantana providing nectar until it is killed back by cold when butterflies are not about.

Pawpaw up close.

A last look at our happy pair of Zebras.

Zebras were not the only butterflies visiting. They were just the more interesting visitors today. 


  1. NeilJean,
    Pretty cool to have so many zebras at one time in your garden! So far in 12 years here we had one zebra zoom through the woodland garden and that is it. You have a lot of butterflies very early, the summer season might be the same.

  2. So cool! Thanks for the videos, and the butterfly fix. I can't remember the last time I saw one.

  3. Very nice :-). I can't wait to see some around here

  4. It does appear that the butterflies are doing very well this year.

  5. Zebra swallowtails, not one we are likely to see in this part of the world. Their wings don't half go like the clappers.

  6. This is the best time of year. I'm spotting no less than three varieties of butterflies a day in my garden....but no zebras. Lucky you!

  7. Love the video idea. And, such pretty 'sound effects' of the birds chirping in the background. I, too, have found that Lantana is a must in the garden. Our swallowtails just love it.


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